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  • Why it is Important to be Open Minded About Your Career.
    “Decide upon a major definite purpose in life and then organize all your activities around it”  –Brian Tracy Changing someone’s mindset is not an easy thing. When someone has spent years upon years having one belief system, it is totally difficult to break it…however when that belief is broken, and ultimately a new belief system […]
  • Questions to Ask Yourself before You Quit Your Job.
    Leaving a job is rarely an easy decision to arrive to considering the level of unemployment and the many people who consider you lucky to have a 9-5. Your cries of stress are always met with sighs and mumbles of “but at least you have a job”. However, a poor economy and the fact that […]
  • Get Hired Faster: The Kind of Attitude You Need to Have!
    There was a season in my life that I used to accompany one of the leading corporate trainers in Uganda for training sessions in different organizations. In each of those moments, we always played the “Skill vs Attitude” game that I would like you to play today also. Imagine that you are the CEO of […]
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