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Hire The Right Way with BrighterMonday Uganda and experience the difference with our wide range of products make for your hring process.

Hire The Right Way

2020 was a difficult year and we thank you for trusting our brand throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This has made us bold, better and brighter as we continue to serve you with our wide range of products.

The relationships we are building and maintaining continue to guide our passion to serve you even better with our products, services, and technology.

What has BrighterMonday Uganda been up to? 

BMU was established in 2014 and quickly established itself as the best job site in the country.

In 2016, BrighterMonday Uganda’s parent company, One Africa Media was acquired by Ringier AG to form the Ringier One Africa Media (ROAM) Group. 

What is bold, better and new at BrighterMonday Uganda? 

BrighterMonday Uganda recently got a new Chief Executive Officer, Brian Ntambirweki; who served as Marketing Manager at BMU in 2015. Find story here.

Brian has successfully scaled our team to 12 members by May 2021 with the aim of putting the customer first and delivering exceptional value to our customers in a bold, better and brighter way.

BMU aims to digitize Human Resources and Transform Productivity using technology through the BMU platform.

BMU falls under the Ringier One Africa Media (ROAM) Jobs, who also appointed a new Managing Director, Hilda Kabushenga Kragha, in November last year

Brian & Hilda are Ugandans with an outstanding passion for transforming HR particularly supporting small businesses, and using the power of technology to achieve sustainable growth for their customers.

In that regard, BrighterMonday Uganda is launching a bold new campaign that will enable companies, especially small companies to use our technology and expertise to hire the right way using our platform.

We strongly believe there is a more productive and efficient way to hire therefore, we will use our #HireTheRightWay campaign to help you find the right people that will enable you to grow your business.

Why SMEs are important –

Small & Medium Enterprises contribute around 20% of Uganda’s GDP and employ over 2.5 million people in Uganda.

They also make up more than 90% of the entire private sector and without them, we will not see the expected economic recovery or create the desperately needed jobs.

SMEs faced their own set of challenges such as; regulatory hurdles, financing bottlenecks and lack of enough market access to sustain their growth and success.

Our research shows that SMEs face a combination of challenges (pain points) when it comes to hiring the right people to sustain their growth.

These pain points include;

  1. Low quality pool of applicants.
  2. High cost of recruitment versus the value attained.
  3. Limited time to go through the recruitment process.
  4. High volume of applicants for the available positions, among others.

How can BrighterMonday Uganda help? 

We recently also revised the pricing of our products  at  BrighterMonday Uganda with one single aim; helping and supporting our customers to tackle these pain points.

Our price revision was more than just reducing the price but also providing value beyond just recruitment. You can read more here.

We believe that once you hire through BrighterMonday, you will experience first hand our key values that we are passionate about in helping you grow your business with the right people. 

And under ROAM, we are part of a bigger, stronger, and caring group of companies, partners, and people.

At BMU, we want you to get the right people, the first time and avoid the pain that comes with getting it wrong. 

Talk to our customer success team today and together, let us find you the right people. Request a call here.

Arnold Akampulira
Notification Bell