Types of questions to expect in your aptitude test

Whether you are taking Power tests or speed tests, the key to passing any aptitude test is preparation. Preparation entails practicing various aptitude questions. Hence, you need to know the type of questions you can be asked.

Here are some types of questions you should expect in your aptitude test:

1. Questions testing -Verbal ability 

These questions examine your oral communication skills; how well you comprehend statements; whether you are able to follow instructions or not and your verbal logic.

These kinds of questions are on grammar, sentence structure, and comprehension. These questions are further grouped into:

a) Verbal reasoning questions 

These test your verbal logic that entails the ability to draw conclusions from a given statement but basing on certain information given, you can be required to find the right answer to a question or to determine whether a statement is true or false in relation to the given information.

b) Verbal comprehension questions 

under this, a short or long passage is provided followed by questions about the passage. What is tested here is type is your ability to read information, understand it and come up with the right answers.

c) English language questions

These examine your grammar, spelling, sentence structure and general use of the English language.

2. Questions testing- Numerical ability

These questions examine your ability to use numbers and deduce information from them. They could include questions requiring you to solve numerical problems, solve numerical sequences or analyze information from graphs.

3.  Work sample questions

Thea candidate is presented with various work situations after which they are required to identify what they should do if faced with those situations. They could involve:

  • How you can solve a workplace problem
  • Coming up with a concept or new idea
  • How to organize and prioritize tasks

a) Questions testing abstract reasoning 

These types of questions test your ability to analyze logic patterns and use the information you get to solve problems. They also test your ability to reason logically and  learn new skills.

b) Questions testing spatial ability

Employers test for your ability to visualize, understand and remember how objects fit together or are related to each other.  The Candidates ability to manipulate different objects or shapes is tested here.

These questions are mostly asked to candidates applying for design or engineering positions.

C) Questions testing mechanical reasoning

These questions test your a Candidates ability to use physics and mechanical concepts to solve issues at the workplace. They apply for technical, mechanical or military positions.

d) Questions testing your ability to identify errors

These test your ability to detect and solve errors in complex databases. These are often used to select candidates applying for data entry and clerical jobs.

In Conclusion: Knowing what questions you could be asked guides you better in preparing for your aptitude test. Please Take Note 

Emily Ndagire
Notification Bell