Our New Prices And What This Means For Your Business

our new prices

Last year was life-changing for everyone. Businesses all over the world had to overcome the most unusual conditions with the brutal effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A year later, we are all still reeling from those effects and most likely will do so for a while. Demand for our services plunged as companies re-organized their priorities and then when the worst phase passed, we saw pent-up demand for our recruitment products as signs of the recovery were afoot.

This prompted us to re-evaluate our product offers and calibrate our value proposition to both our existing and potential customers. The end of this process has produced the new pricing that will take effect on 01 June 2021.

What are the price changes?

Our new prices are drawn from the depth of research and consultation with our customers and therefore, we are proud to say, most of our pricing is being reduced to continue supporting our customers to undertake the next phase of their growth.

Our new pricing

See the full list of prices below;

ProductJob Listing Best Match 2.0Pro RecruitJob BoostSkills Assessment
Old Price (VAT inclusive)Ugx. 115,000Ugx. 500,000Ugx. 915,000Ugx. 185,000Ugx. 550,000
New Price (VAT inclusive)Ugx. 95,000Ugx. 500,000Ugx. 850,000Ugx. 185,000Ugx. 240,000

What does this mean for your business?

We did not just stop at dropping the prices. We upped our value proposition and that is why we are also rolling out our #HireTheRightWay campaign to remind our customers and inform our potential customers about the better way to get the right candidates.

At BrighterMonday, we believe that the right way is;

Reliability – Our range of products give you access to a good volume of quality candidates that apply to your roles.

Efficiency – Our platform allows you to easily sort and shortlist qualified candidates.

Affordability – We have a variety of well-priced solutions for every budget.

Ease of Use – Our platform and processes are intuitive and convenient. Our customer experience team also offers mandatory walkthrough sessions to all our customers.

With this, you can expect to pay less for more value and most importantly, getting the right candidate – the first time.

How do you take advantage of this opportunity?

Our sales team is always ready to help you with your recruitment needs and we also have dedicated account managers to advise our customers and make sure they get the best out of our products. You can request a call from our sales team here or call us at +256 200 417 700 for more information.

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