Personal Branding For Successful Career Growth

Personal branding is essential for you and your career growth as it gives a presentation of who you are while showcasing your strengths. Here is how.

Creating a personal brand

The digital workspace considers personal branding as very crucial in understanding individuals and their roles in the job market. Knowing how to present yourself and leave a desirable impression is easy when you know how to showcase your strengths and capabilities. Building a good personal branding statement gives an idea of who you are, what you do and what you intend to achieve to someone who has not met you yet. Here as some strategies that can help build and improve your personal brand for successful career growth:

Exploit Your Strengths

Understand what makes you stand out from the rest of the people. For instance, as a job seeker, what would make you different from other job seekers? Everyone has basic skills for certain jobs so identify what would separate you from every other basic jobseeker. Do you have a passion for something and think that will improve your value in the company? Personal branding is all about showcasing your best and most unique ideas to go above the rest. Your strengths help the company in getting the best-fitting position for you, which ultimately makes it easier for you to grow your career.

Explore your strengths

Evaluate Your Network Worth Every Month

Networking is very essential at any career level. Learn to interact with people in your career niche or doing the same as you. Evaluate the company you keep every month. Do you see yourself learning any new ideas? Is your contribution appreciated? If not, try to find new avenues for personal growth and development. Identify with people who share similar career ideas as you and work towards making it better. Successful career growth means trusting yourself to work with other people to develop your ideas, share insights as well as expanding your niche.

Set Timelines For Your Career Goals

Having a planned out career goal is not enough for personal branding. Have you set targets to achieve the goals you want to attain? Are your plans working out so far? Make sure you are working towards having your goals materialize and eventually grow. Most people set goals at the start of every year but fail to stick to their plans over time. A successful personal branding statement involves being determined to achieve the set objectives through a constant need for innovation and development.

Set your timelines

Document Your Achievements

Record your past career accomplishments as a point of selling your self for the next milestone in your career space. Documenting achievements will help you remember what you have been able to achieve in your career path and can help develop new skills. For instance, having transferable skills like leadership and teamwork will improve your personal branding as your career progresses. Building an effective personal brand helps you to avoid selling yourself short for avenues you’d otherwise get.

Be Active In Your Industry

Staying updated has been made easy with the availability and accessibility of social media networks and other forms of media. In this millennial generation, most people are able to receive information easily and as soon as they happen. Therefore, learning to use this for your personal branding ideas can help you soar higher in your career. Engage in relevant conversations, increase your online presence through having an up-to-date portfolio, CV and social media accounts. The more you interact with other people in your career niche, the higher your chances of getting involved in avenues that help advance your career.

Be active

Know More Of Your Trade

Be prepared to develop and understand your industry by improving both your personal and company knowledge through personal learning. Learn how your company operates and how your role fits into developing and improving its objectives. For instance, if you are in the administration department, try to develop skills such as personnel management and human resource. This would help improve your client engagement skills as you go about your tasks. Enrolling up for training or school to advance your skills can help in personal branding as you will have proven your willingness and capability to learn and improve.

In 2020, work towards developing and building your personal brand. This helps in ensuring an individual constantly evaluates themselves for growth as they learn new skills and abilities. Personal branding is easy once you identify what you need to do and your purpose. Potential recruiters will look up for you online before engaging with you for a job opportunity and therefore, you should be able to control how they see you from your brand statement. Build your BrighterMonday profile and give a bold personal branding statement!

Maureen Daisy
Notification Bell