An Updated BrighterMonday Profile; Why And When Should I Update My Profile?

Find out how and why it’s important to update your BrighterMonday job profile to stand out ahead of the crowded job market

Bighter Monday Profile

Have You Updated Your BrighterMonday Profile?

With the stiff competition in today’s labor market, one has to find ways of standing out in order to survive. Uploading one’s CV to our online job portal is not enough! One has to find a way to still stand out from all other attached Cvs which is by essentially having a complete Brightermonday job seeker profile and regularly updating it.

With, having a completed job seeker profile means having a 100% profile completion status that is very visible each time one looks at their profile. One is able to get to this 100% profile completion status by:

  • Adding a professional profile picture.
  • Adding a career summary about oneself.
  • Completing the work experience profile section by listing at least one or more jobs they have held highlighting their job title, company, period during which they held the job as well as the roles they were tasked to carry out under their job title.
  • Listing the education levels one has gone through including any relevant training and certifications one may have attained as well as where and during which period they attained them.
  • Adding one’s language skills as well highlighting their level of proficiency in each of the languages they know. 
  • Highlighting any relevant associations one could be affiliated with.
  • Listing the necessary job skills one has.
  • Listing any personal interests one could have.
  • Uploading one’s Cv and ensuring all the information added is saved.

Now that we are well aware of how to have a completed BrighterMonday profile, here are some of the reasons it is really important to keep it regularly updated.

  • One has a Readily Available Online Cv; A complete profile is able to showcase all the important and necessary details of one’s Cv at a glance. Many times, employers will not have the time to look for or go through the process of downloading one’s Cv.                  Being able to get all the information they need about someone at a glance is much faster and easier. Furthermore, this also makes it easy for one to formulate a proper Cv with updated information each time they need it as all the information they need is readily available online.      
  • More Visibility; Every job seeker yearns to have their Cv much more visible to thousands of recruiters. What better way to do that than to have a completed profile that is readily available each time the thousands of recruiters using the BrighterMonday website are searching for specific skills. Each time these recruiters use keywords to search for possible recruits with specific job skills, the immediate results will be those of people that have completed profiles and with the relevant skills.
  • Presents one as a Credible and Professional Person; One’s profile makes the first impression of them in a recruiter’s eyes. One with a fully completed and professional profile is more likely to have a positive impression on a recruiter than one with a half-completed profile. One’s online profile acts as their Sales pitch selling the skills they have to offer which can either land them an interview or not.
  • Such a Profile is More Attractive; With a complete and updated profile, one is not only able to have their skills more visible but more attractive as well to any recruiter. With the BrighterMonday profile, one is able to have their skills well organized and clearly stated making it easy for any recruiter to read through. Furthermore, this enables one to easily add their accomplishments and skills and therefore easily highlight their career growth to any recruiter looking through their profile.

When does one update the Profile?

BrighterMonday enables one to record every achievement that is relevant to their career through their profile. By allowing for this, any job seeker is able to keep their Cv information up to date as well as highlight their career progression.

It is advisable for one to update their BM profile:

  • When one attains a promotion; if one has been able to move from one rank to another in their job, it is important for one to document it. This is not only able to communicate the work experience one has but also puts one at a greater chance of obtaining another job at a higher rank in a company.
  • When one attains a new qualification; Whether it is a Postgraduate degree or simply a training or diploma certificate, putting this information on one’s profile is important. This shows that one has been able to grow as far as their qualification is concerned hence are more marketable.
  • When one changes a job; changing a job also shows one’s career progression and growth in one’s working experience. This information is bound to attract any recruiter to find out  more about someone and read through their curriculum vitae.
  • When one changes their job industry; say one moves from the teaching industry to the sales job industry or field. It is important to note this because it allows one to sell himself as someone capable of also performing in their new industry hence opens up more doors for them.
  • When one attains a new skill; Be it a language or any other job skill, highlighting the new skills one has attained also makes them more marketable for the job. That new skill could just be what the recruiter has been searching for for a long time.
  • When one joins a new Association; Being affiliated with different associations especially those relevant to one’s career is very important. The more relevant associations one is affiliated with, the more connections they have and employers find connections very important in growing their businesses.

In summary, let your BrighterMonday profile speak volumes about you when a recruiter looks at it. Stand out and stand a chance to take your career to the next level by completing and updating it right Here today.

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