Welcome our new Link Out solution for your seamless recruitment

As a hiring manager you want more efficiency and control over the ways you hire top talent.

Say hi to our new Link Out solution that will make your recruitment process seamless. This solution will make your recruitment process seamless and fully in your control.

This solution reduces the effort you have to input because we bring all the applicants to your own recruitment process which allows you to take charge of the entire process  in your comfort zone while tapping into the top talent we provide.

So how does it work and who does it serve?

This new solution is designed to make your recruitment process and journey seamless and if you’re;

–   A corporate firm that has invested significantly in an inhouse Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and are looking to hire talent more effectively.

–    An NGO looking to hire talent and have a requirement for applicants to fill in a questionnaire (with more than 5 questions) along with a CV and a Cover Letter.

–    Public & Government Institutions looking to hire talent and need to have applicants make in-person or apply via post along with a CV and a Cover Letter.

This is the solution for you to help you compliment your current hiring tools by giving the hiring manager access to a large pool of qualified candidates and insights to show you how many candidates viewed a job ad and had intended to apply.

Find out more about Link Out here and enjoy a seamless hiring experience today.

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Arnold Akampulira
Notification Bell