Webinar Recap: Achieving Results through Dynamic Teams

On June 22nd, 2022 we broadcasted a webinar using Zoom.

At this webinar, Catherine Njojo, Chief Human Resources Officer of Pearl Dairy Farms Limited shared how the business benefits of using team dynamics to achieve better business results in today’s competitive marketplace.

Here are four key questions the speaker discussed

1. What is a dynamic team?

A dynamic team is made up of individuals who work together to achieve a common goal. Each member of the team contributes their own unique skills and talents to make the team more powerful and effective. Communication, collaboration, and trust are the keys to a dynamic team’s success.

An efficient and productive workplace can be achieved by having a dynamic team. It’s not about having the most talented people on your team – it’s about creating an environment that thrives for everyone.

2. Why is it important for an HR Manager to assemble and maintain a dynamic team?

Catherine Njojo said that teams will be more productive if they have members with different skills, backgrounds, and experiences.

HR Managers can prepare their businesses for success by understanding the value of creating and maintaining a dynamic team.

For Human Resources Managers to be successful, they must be able to assemble and maintain dynamic teams at work.

3. How do you drive success through a dynamic team?

Njojo identified three primary objectives for a dynamic team: developing relationships, driving innovation, and promoting collaboration and flexibility. Njojo noted that trust and mutual respect are integral to the foundation of any successful team.

In addition, she noted that communication is vital to the success of a team, as it allows team members to stay informed about their responsibilities and offer feedback that will help the team succeed.

Njojo encouraged teams to clearly define their roles and responsibilities, as well as trust in one another’s capabilities. Finally, she suggested that teams celebrate their achievements together.

4. What challenges come with managing a dynamic team? & What advice would you give to overcome the same?

Conclusion: Her parting thoughts on managing and developing dynamic teams?

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