Unicaf Career Day event theme: Upskilling for the future.

Unicaf Employer Breakfast

On the 26th of October 2022, Unicaf University and BrighterMonday Uganda hosted a Career Day Forum for professionals to learn, engage and take advantage of the university’s unique blend of programme offerings and scholarship opportunities to stay on top of emerging trends in their profession and better equip themselves to perform as professionals in their fields. 

The partners held the joint event to cater for the career professionals in the corporate sector that seek flexible opportunities to upskill and remain competitive in the job market.

Unicaf University’s affordable and flexible delivery of blended and fully online courses is a key attraction for career professionals who need the balance between advancing their careers and education without disruption

The program was titled Upskilling and Reskilling for the Future and featured speakers from both BrighterMonday and Unicaf University, including Mr. Abdul Makubuya Kigozi, the Organizational Development Manager at NSSF Uganda who kicked off the program with a keynote speech on reskilling.

Panel discussion by experts

The panel discussion included Prof. George Nasinyama, Vice Chancellor of Unicaf University in Uganda, & Ms. Dorothy Mukimba, Senior Marketing Manager of unicaf university who talked about the importance of upskilling and reskilling. Mr. Pius Ngoga, Head of Sales at BrighterMonday Uganda Research suggests that companies are looking to hire more quality talent. This means that as an individual, you need to constantly upskill yourself to remain employable, said Mr. Abdul Makubuya Kigozi, the Organizational Development Manager at NSSF Uganda.

Talk by Mr. Pius Ngoga- 

If you are an employer looking to hire quality employees, three major challenges in the market today make your job more difficult: scarcity of proven talent and experience, limited time and other resources, and risk of a bad hire who doesn’t fit in your work culture. 

Pius Ngoga discussed how Brightermonday Uganda offers a 360-degree recruitment strategy that helps employers find candidates quickly and easily. 

Employers can hire hard-to-find talent using our expert professionals, which helps them overcome the challenges of a tight job market by providing them with proven candidates who fit their culture and have the relevant experience needed to achieve their goals.

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Talk by Mr. Abdul Makubuya Kigozi

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Professionals are being left behind due to lack of upskilling or reskilling. This leaves them vulnerable to be replaced by a new generation of professionals who are more prepared. This is why we need to invest in our employees and make sure they are always challenged, engaged, learning, and adapting so they can remain relevant in an ever-changing world. –  – Mr. Abdul Makubuya Kigozi

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Q&A session

A few of the questions asked were directed towards upskilling and reskilling today. One question was about whether skills training is a viable option in today’s economy. Kigozi said that it is a very viable option, and he mentioned that at NSSF they have a skills development program to help employees upskill and reskill themselves to be more relevant in their work environments. He also added that most industries are embracing this and taking steps to encourage continuous education among its workforce.

Emily Ndagire
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