Reopening the Post-Covid 19 Workplace; Safety Measures

Many businesses are gaining momentum as the lockdown eases post Covid-19 crisis. Reopening the post-Covid 19 workplaces is certainly going to come with its own safety measures and considerations which businesses are yet to adapt to. Some businesses had to downsize. Others were completely shut down when the crisis struck. Organizations are however starting to see a ‘new normal’ taking shape and working towards embracing change.

Safety Measures and Considerations

Most companies have learned to adjust to the current situation after the Covid-19 crisis. However, other businesses are yet to come to terms with the new normal standards that are needed to get back to work.

All organizations will have to keep their focus on how to monitor development for how employees can return to work with employee safety standards still essential. The biggest question to any business owner right now is, ‘Are my employees safe?’

Here are some tips to cope with the situation:

  1. Make social/physical distancing arrangements

Encourage employees to stay at home if they are feeling sick. This way, it gets easier to work around the space at work. Businesses will ensure that even before reopening the post-Covid 19 workplaces, there is an efficient plan set up of how employees will move around.  Establishing policies like flexible work shifts and break rooms encourage safety throughout the day.

  1. Develop a safe workplace playbook/handout

Businesses are more assertive right now than ever before, as economies reopen after the Covid-19 crisis. Every employee is essentially aware of both their health as well as that of his/her colleague. To avoid the risk of misunderstanding, most organizations are now coming up with workplace safety playbooks to make sure that all employees keep in check. 

  1. Incorporate health screening centers and protective materials

According to health and safety standards, all businesses will ensure that the workplaces are renovated, and health screening points made available. Meeting spaces should be more ventilated, work areas constantly cleaned, and food places regularly checked to minimize infections. Ensure the workplaces display signs reminding people to socially keep distance, wash hands, and not touch their faces. It is also essential to involve the management and other tenants in multi-tenant sites or buildings; to ensure consistency across areas such as receptions and staircases.

If all businesses can comply with set out safety measures, it will be easier for employees to return to work after reopening the post-Covid 19 workplaces. After all, health and safety matters before everything else.

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Arnold Akampulira
Notification Bell