Prices to Increase and Products to Evolve in February 2023

Our product offering will be evolving and our prices going up from February 2023.

Kampala – Uganda

At BrighterMonday Uganda, we are proud to be part of the recruitment process of several companies, small and large therefore, we understand the role and importance of the services we offer.

Over time, we have engaged customers like yourself on how best our products can serve and deliver more value in order to support you in achieving your hiring objectives therefore our products will be evolving to meet these new demands of the talent market and our customers.

This product evolution will continue to support you with unrivaled efficient, affordable and easy to use technology for advertising, assessing, shortlisting and hiring talent.

Starting in February 2023, our prices will increase, however the exact details and price changes will be communicated at a later date but, before then, you can speak with your account manager about how you can make your bulk purchases at the current prices.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we reduced our prices & introduced discounts, free listings for MSMEs through our #UnityinAdversity campaign which enabled us to serve hundreds of more customers.

The challenging operating environment in Uganda with persistent inflation has made the costs of doing business higher therefore, our new prices reflect this new reality.

For more information please : Contact Account Manager

Emily Ndagire
Notification Bell