Post COVID-19 Organizational Changes to Prepare For

Consequently, organizations must have the ability to adapt to abrupt, disruptive changes, even in the worst-case scenario. Having a contingency plan helps.

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The workplace has changed and is no longer a matter of contention. From social distancing to the need to stay at home, organizations are having to review their workplace systems and cultures to ensure they don’t become a hotbed for COVID-19 transmissions.

To prepare for these changes, businesses and organizations will have to observe the following guidelines:

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Incorporate contingency planning into every stage of your processes

Failure to include contingency planning into every stage of the value chain could mean the collapse of your company. 

At the moment, no one can say with certainty how long the coronavirus pandemic will last. Fears of future waves are real as the world struggles to go back to work.

Consequently, organizations must have the ability to adapt to abrupt, disruptive changes, even in the worst-case scenario. Having a flexible contingency plan in place will ensure a company stays afloat as the world battles the pandemic.

Establish strategic partnerships for survival rather than based on the highest ROI

Right now, and going into the post-COVID-19 workplace, the most important objective is to survive. For instance, instead of the pre-COVID-19 practice of establishing partnerships based on getting the best deal or leverage, smart businesses will need to be more strategic when choosing partnerships and alliances. They will have to choose between transactional and essential relationships.

It’s no longer a matter of the maximum return on investment. It’s about partnerships that will hold, even in the worst post-COVID-19 scenario. Instead of asking “what is in it for me”, companies will have to start asking “what if?” For instance, what if there’s another wave in the horizon? How would that affect operations?

It might even be expedient to turn down a lucrative partnership and instead get on board with a company that will stay with you even in the face of delayed payments and missed shipments. This is critical especially at a time when states and governments can abruptly declare lockdowns and curfews. 

Allow for quick decision-making

It’s not going to be business as usual in the post-COVID-19 era. To get your business moving and serving customers, there will be a need to make decisions fast. The new realities of a shaky and uncertain business environment require agile companies that can turn in a moment’s notice should the situation call for it.

Ensure employee Reskilling

The post-COVID-19 workplace will see more businesses opt to have employees work from home whenever possible. This will require investments in training in digital communication platforms. 

Already, a majority of companies and government agencies have their employees working from home. For this new workplace model to be effective, employees must be trained on best practices and etiquette when using these platforms.

In the post-COVID-19 workplace, employers and business owners will need to review their practices; from how their employees interact with each other to how they serve their clients. This is because most of the processes will be initiated and completed online. Forward-looking companies will not be those angling for the best deal, but those seeking to stay afloat in the likely scenario that a second wave of COVID infections may strike.

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Arnold Akampulira
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