OPINION: Thriving as a woman in the modern workplace

In this article, we shall explore the importance of women in business and offer some tips for women looking to advance their careers…………..

Thriving as a woman in the modern workplace

By Daphine Desiree Musimenta

Over the past few decades, women have made significant progress in breaking down barriers and achieving success in the business world. Despite this progress, however, women still face numerous
challenges in the workplace, from gender bias to the pay gap.

In this article, we shall explore the importance of women in business and offer some tips for women looking to advance their careers.

Why women are important in business?
Diversity is key to success in any organization, and women bring unique perspectives, skills, and experiences to the table.

Research has shown that companies with diverse leadership teams are more likely to be innovative, make better decisions, and have higher profits.

Additionally, having women in leadership positions can serve as a role model for younger women, inspiring them to pursue their career goals and break down gender stereotypes.

According to a recent survey run by Brighter Monday Uganda on challenges faced by women in the workplace today, 47% of respondents site lack of support for working mothers, 28% point to unequal opportunity as one of the roadblocks while 17% struggle with gender discrimination.

This goes to show that there is still a major gap for women in today’s workplace . This notwithstanding, women can indeed thrive and here are some tips that can guide you as you navigate your growing career.

Having a strong support system is crucial to success in business, especially for women.

Surround yourself with mentors, colleagues, and friends who can offer advice, support, and encouragement
throughout your career journey.

Joining professional organizations and networking groups can be a great way to build connections and find mentors.

Continuously developing your skills and knowledge is essential to success in any career. Take advantage of training programs, attend conferences, and seek out opportunities to learn new skills.

Additionally, consider pursuing further education, such as a master’s degree or a certification in your

Women often face challenges in the workplace due to gender bias, which can lead to being overlooked or undervalued.

Its essential to speak up and assert yourself, especially when it comes to advocating for your own career goals and salary negotiations. Don’t be afraid to take on new challenges and show your value to the organization.

Balancing work and personal life can be challenging, especially for women who may also have caregiving responsibilities.

However, finding a work-life balance is essential to maintaining mental health and avoiding burnout. Consider discussing flexible work arrangements with your employer or seeking out organizations with policies that support work-life balance.
Finally, its crucial to advocate for gender equality in the workplace and beyond. Encourage your organization to implement policies and practices that support women’s advancement and equal pay.

Additionally, consider volunteering or supporting organizations that promote gender equality, such as nonprofits that offer mentorship and training programs for women.

Remember, as a woman you play a critical role in the business world, and your success benefits both individuals and organizations so be steadfast and do not be afraid to take up space in your workplace and eventually you can overcome the common challenges you may face and achieve success in your career.

Daphine Desiree Musimenta is the PR and Communications Lead at BrighterMonday Uganda.

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