Non-Verbal Interview Mistakes In Job Interviews

Preparing for an interview is important. Researching the company and knowing exactly what to answer when asked the common interview questions is only half the battle. Most recruiters understand that job seekers are getting better at preparing for job interviews. Therefore, they have also learnt to go the extra mile in picking the right candidate in a competitive job market through focusing on the non-verbal interview mistakes portrayed by candidates. Most job seekers are aware of the common interview tips and do their best to stand out from the rest of the applicants. However, most common interview mistakes are made without actual verbal communication between the hiring manager and interviewee. Here are the common non-verbal interview mistakes to avoid:

Poor Posture

How a candidate sits during an interview says a lot about them as an individual. A slouching position shows lack of interest in the interview process while an inwardly forward position shows lack of boundaries. Sit upright during the interview process to avoid any misconception. Do not cross your arms across your chest either, this shows that you are not open to new ideas and draws you away from the interviewer.

Dress Code

This is a common interview mistake that most job seekers do not understand yet. A recruiter reads how you dress and act as you walk through the door. Research about the company and understand the company culture before showing up. This shows interest and lets the interviewer know that you are ready to blend into their teams to promote the company objectives.

Lack of Facial Expressions

Smile. The interviewer needs to feel that you are interested in the conversation and are willing to communicate your feelings. It also shows you are confident in your abilities and enthusiastic about the position you seek to attain. When you extend a handshake, be firm enough to show confidence in yourself. 

Expansive Hand Gestures

Showing your confidence is important, especially when you are trying to explain an achievement you are proud of to the interviewer. However, learn to limit how much you extend your hands in a bid to express yourself. Imagine accidentally knocking over something during the interview process, making the remaining time uncomfortable for both parties.


Nervousness is a common thing when it comes to interviews. Everyone gets nervous at some point in their life. However, how someone handles the situation portrays a lot about them and how they handle situations. Touching your hair, tapping your feet, biting lips or moving in your chair every 5 seconds can be major non-verbal interview mistakes. It’s important to try and stay composed.

Body language is very important. Job seekers must understand that everything counts in an interview, and just knowing how the company operates is not enough to successfully go past an interview. You can be the most eloquent person for the job, but if your body language portrays you differently, you have no chance to get past the interviewing panel. To increase chances of success, job seekers must understand these non-verbal interview mistakes and learn to avoid them.

Maureen Daisy
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