New Jobs Bulletin Out Now: The Market Insights from 2021

Job Market Trends

Throughout 2021, we have witnessed tremendous changes in the Ugandan job market this year and we would love to share some insights with you.

Quick facts-

1. The Banking, Finance & Insurance industry remains the top most sought-after
industry both in terms of demand and supply.

2. Notably, the Hospitality & Hotel industry is among the top 10 industries high in terms
of supply, which may point towards a recovery of the industry.

3. Overall, demand unsurprisingly exceeds supply across industries and job functions.

Need more insights?

You can DOWNLOAD a free copy of the JOBS BULLETIN HERE.

This short report contains facts and figures for the 2021 job market which will be helpful in projections for the New Year.

Happy reading.

Arnold Akampulira
Notification Bell