Own Your Journey: The Top 5 Sure Steps for Career Success

Career success

Own your journey is a phrase used to encourage you to take charge of your career’s destiny. A key trait for anyone with the intention of succeeding in their career is a strong desire to own their journey. Owning your career journey means being responsible for your decisions, achievements, and even mistakes. At the end of the day, your career will only be a summation of your efforts and input.

Here are the 5 ways to own your journey and make it all count.

Be Intentional in Your Decision Making

Decision making

If you desire personal growth and development you need to be intentional in the decisions you make in regards to your life and career. This means that every decision regarding your career should be well-thought through. Self-growth in your career will not happen unless you take the initiative. Conduct sufficient research when making decisions and ensure you consider all options.

Choose Your Career Course Wisely

Most people tend to choose the wrong career courses. This happens for various reasons. For instance, someone may choose to pursue a career due to peer pressure, in the event where most friends or close relatives pursued the same career path. In other cases, people choose to pursue a career for the money alone. They do not consider their interests, gifts, and most importantly their future happiness. As a matter of fact, happiness is the highest level of success in life. Choose a course that is marketable, internationally recognised and in line with your future aspirations. This sets a good foundation for your career.

Attend the Best University for Your Course

University courses

Your university of choice matters. This is because it contributes to the credibility and marketability of your course upon completion. Own your journey by ensuring you enrol in a credible university that provides quality higher education. Institutions like Unicaf not only provide affordable degree options, it also offers internationally recognised degrees. This means that with such a degree, you become marketable anywhere in the world.

Monitor Your Progress Closely

After you identify your career goals and objectives, you need to plan on how you are going to achieve them. Once you begin implementing your plans, always keep track of what is working and what is not. Monitor which sections of your plans are giving the desired results and which ones aren’t. Then make the necessary changes and adjustments to hit your set targets. Monitoring progress allows you to own your journey by keeping an eye on important aspects of your journey.

Stay Proactive, Take Initiative

Taking initiative

Lastly, stay proactive at all times. As mentioned earlier, successful people do not wait for things to happen for them instead they take a step. Being proactive means you always take the initiative. You do not give excuses. You can take initiative by applying for scholarships and grants from universities if you are a little low on cash. Self-motivation is a good way of staying proactive. There are many ways of staying motivated, for instance, listening to inspirational stories about other people and words of encouragement. Hearing other people who made it yet they faced the same conditions you are facing may go along way to help you to own your journey. However, motivation alone cannot cut it. You will not always be motivated; you need to take action whether you feel like it or not.

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