Driving Sustainable Impact: Brighter Monday and Jobtech Alliance Ideation Workshop

Job Tech Alliance & BrighterMonday Uganda partner for sustainable socio-economic impact, expanding job opportunities for refugee seekers in Uganda.

In the pursuit of sustainable socio-economic impact, strategic collaboration and innovation stand as paramount. This principle forms the foundation of a recent partnership between the Job Tech Alliance and BrighterMonday Uganda, dedicated to expanding employment opportunities for refugee job seekers in Uganda.

The ideation journey commenced on 30th April with a stakeholder validation of research findings concerning the employment landscape of urban refugees in Kampala. Building upon this groundwork, the teams convened for an ideation workshop, pooling together expertise, market knowledge, and a profound understanding of refugee empowerment issues.

What distinguishes this partnership is its inclusive ethos. Refugee job seekers actively participated in crafting solutions tailored to the communirty specific needs, ensuring both efficacy and resonance.

Guided by CEO Hilda Kabushenga, BrighterMonday’s diverse team engaged in dynamic brainstorming sessions, leveraging expertise in product development, customer experience, recruitment, and project programming.

Sylvia Mbaabu, BrighterMonday’s Partnerships Lead, underscored the pivotal role of such collaborations in driving meaningful change. Looking ahead, the partnership is poised to sustain its innovative momentum, steadfast in its commitment to empowering underrepresented job seekers and advancing inclusive employment interventions.

In essence, this collaboration exemplifies the power of collaboration in addressing socio-economic challenges. It signifies a significant step towards a future where inclusivity and empowerment are not just aspirations but tangible realities for all individuals involved.

Gladys Rwabuhemba
Notification Bell