How to Manage your Star Employees and Keep Them Motivated

Managing star employees should be easy, right? Think again! They actually require a manager input to keep them motivated and engaged.

How to Manage your Star Employees and Keep Them Motivated

Managing star employees should be easy, right? They are self-motivated, have clear goals and perform exceedingly well. So how do you keep your star employees excited at work and which risks should you be cautious about?

Keep Your Star Engaged and Motivated

Star employees are smart and require challenges at all times. It is very important to strike a balance between having someone fully engaged and giving them so much that they experience burn out.

Constant positive feedback keeps a great employee happy but you should be careful not to give it to the point that it is counterproductive. Correction is important as it gives room for growth.

Identify the Star’s Goals, Strengths & Provide A Growth Pattern

All-star employees have an idea of where they want to be in the short and long run. As a manager, engage her and find out how you can contribute to the fast growth of this employee. Focus on sharpening skills that the employee already has while also exposing him to important organizational tools required. While doing this, do not neglect the rest of the team as it may be taken as favoritism. It is crucial to offer proper guidance, skills and training to all staff.

Offer the Star Autonomy

Star employees love responsibility and new tasks. At their own volition some will be willing to accommodate more tasks. Therefore, be willing to delegate without micromanaging. If there is no promotion available, provide avenues where the star employee can showcase their leadership skills.

Encourage Teamwork & Relationships

Great employees are self-reliant and quick learners who do not require repeat learning. Due to this, you may find that most of them struggle with creating relationships at work and prefer to work independently. It is important to instill teamwork and make them understand that people learn at different paces. There is power in collaboration as this offers different ideas, perceptions and results!

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan

Be Willing to Let Go – You cannot Hoard Talent

When you are working with a star employee, they may want or require more than you can offer. This does not mean that you will necessarily lose him to another company. Be open to sharing opportunities at your company especially if it means better growth opportunity and compensation. When an opportunity arises that suits your star employee, recommend him for the role. Ensure that you have a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) with an employee whose skillset is close to or matches the star’s.

Give Star Employees a Voice

Sometimes growth opportunities are not available for employees. The company may be having serious budget cuts and even halt on hiring and promotions. In this case, star employees who are more involved and dedicated can be given the chance to be involved in big decisions such as deciding on how the company can benefit staff, charity organizations and voluntary work. This will make staff feel more engaged and dedicated to a greater cause other than work and a monthly salary

All in all, it is paramount to offer transparency and align the needs of employees to the mission and vision of the company. When employees feel appreciated, they are inclined to stay. Always ensure that there is a balance between work and motivation, however, it is important to note that hiring wisely always counts when acquiring star employees. Hire based on competence and invest greatly on training and development.

Arnold Akampulira
Notification Bell