How to improve the employee retention in your sales team

Sales accounted for 14% of all roles we published during the period and throughout last year, we processed over 12,000 applications for a sales position.

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The sales role was the most in-demand job function between February and September last year according to data from BrighterMonday Uganda.

It accounted for a combined 14% of all roles we published during the period and throughout last year, we processed over 12,000 applications for a sales position.

Almost 30% of all the sales jobs came from the banking, finance and insurance sectors, 15% from the retail & FMCG sector and some 12% in the manufacturing sector.

Recruiting & Retaining Your Best in Sales:

Recruiting a great sales representative is crucial for any business and that is why BrighterMonday Uganda is a trusted source of talent because we have a vast job seeker database and experienced recruitment team to get our clients the best talent.

That is only part of the solution. Keeping the great sales representative is the other part and this usually depends on the company culture, compensation and career development plans in place. Often, it is a combination of all those factors.

Retaining a sales personnel, especially one that meets or exceeds their return on investment (ROI) and other key metrics of the company is of utmost importance but while it is impossible to eliminate turnover entirely, it is key to consider some factors when trying to retain your top sales personnel.

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Company Culture:

The first important factor to consider is the company culture. An all-inclusive culture that embeds customer experience in sales makes sure that the focus is not solely on sales but working with other departments to enrich the customer experience.

This also reduces the pressure that often sits with the sales team and distributes it across the organization therefore, a win for one department is a win for the others and vice versa.

Competitive Compensation:

Equally important is creating competitive compensation packages for your sales personnel which could be benchmarked within your industry or depending on their experience.

This ensures that your personnel are well compensated and incentivized to deliver results.

A key aspect to include in a compensation package is performance based pay which should be clearly communicated and designed to make sure the targets are realistic and once they are achieved, the personnel gets fairly rewarded.

This keeps their morale high and focuses pay on performance.

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Career Development:

Lastly, designing a clear career path for the personnel is very important to ensure that they develop and grow.

Beside pay, one of the most cited reasons why people leave their work and companies is the lack of adequate training, coaching, development opportunities and recognition for the milestones they make during their career.

Final Word

It is therefore important to develop a plan to advance your personnel development and careers to ensure they feel challenged and motivated to keep delivering their best results.

Arnold Akampulira
Notification Bell