How To Attract The Workforce Of The Future- Covid19 Pandemic

With the Covid-19 pandemic, a new generation of employees has come with its own set of awesome qualities, here is how you can go handle that,

Future Workforce

Strategic Workforce Planning

With the Covid-19 pandemic and the switch to remote working, a new generation of employees has come with its own set of awesome qualities, as well as challenges for human resource managers.

For starters, rigid rules seem to put them off really fast and as a growing trend, many will not stick around for too long if they feel the working environment is not right. So, how do you do this?

Begin Phasing Out Rigid Systems

That 8-5 rule may have been great for people from previous generations and the pre-covid workforce but not now. Millennials have adopted to technology such as Google Meet and Slack to support a balanced work lifestyle.

Make Schedules More Flexible

To combine flexibility and a healthy work-life balance, millennials prefer flexible working environments which allow them to work from anywhere as long as they deliver on their tasks. Remote working can also be viewed as a company’s way of cutting costs on space and utilities within the workspace.

new generation of employees

Give Regular and Timely Feedback

Appraisals and performance reviews have been a common feature in many organizations for decades. Previously, employees looked forward to quarterly or annual performance reviews to know about their progress and performance.

However, millennials will not wait that long to get feedback on whether they are on track and what they need to improve on which means shorter review periods resulting in better results.

Offer Competitive Perks

Good salaries are appreciated but they are not enough. Perks like free snacks and lunch, flexible working hours, career development opportunities, opportunities, and even training nap time matter to millennials. Therefore, HR departments need to be creative with the perks they offer this demographic.

Offer Growth Opportunities

Millennials want to rise up the corporate ladder faster than people from previous generations. For you want to attract the future workforce, you have to create and facilitate growth or fail to keep talent on board. 

Jobs that Give them a Purpose

Millennials don’t just want to work for the perks and the bottom line. They want jobs that give them meaning and a purpose. Jobs that are aligned with their values and missions in life.

Therefore, corporate bureaucracy and obscure policies are a complete turn off for people who are looking for jobs that mean more than a pay cheque at the end of the month.

Build a Strong Employer Brand

For most millennials, employers are not simply brands that give them jobs. They have an attachment to brands and this means that most would like to work for brands that they like, as consumers. To attract and keep the right talent on board, you need to develop a strong employer brand.

Hire the Right Candidates

The future workforce is definitely radically different from that of previous generations. This is a demographic that desires to hold meaningful jobs with flexible working schedules, a good work-life balance and among other. HR departments need to change radically so as to accommodate the new demands of this talented workforce.

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