How Employers Can Stop the Influx of Low-Quality Applicants

The standard way of recruiting candidates is proving inadequate in getting a worthy shortlist. Fix this with a skills assessment attached to your job advert

Hiring the right employee is not an easy task.

An average job listing on BrighterMonday attracts hundreds of applications from both qualified and not-so-qualified candidates. All your hard work to create an appealing job ad with the right keywords may not even yield your ideal candidate – if you take the standard approach.

Despite your best efforts to create a clear job advert with all the necessary information, you may end up with too many low-quality applications in your inbox. This is why you should consider an extra layer in your recruitment process to ensure only qualified and serious candidates find their way to the shortlisting stage.

Choose the Best Candidate Not the Best CV Writer

The standard way of recruiting candidates is proving inadequate in getting a worthy shortlist. With a skills assessment attached to your job advert, it is possible to look beyond a well-put-together CV and objectively determine whether to shortlist a candidate or not. 

Research has shown that 85% of candidates falsify CVs. Some take credit for work that’s not theirs and include skills they do not possess. Interviews are not enough to uncover all this as it is hard to gauge competence until they are working with you. 

How Assessments Improve the Quality of Your Shortlist

Only qualified candidates get to apply for a job you post. The BrighterMonday skills assessment tool tests candidates applying for a job you post on BrighterMonday for core competencies and hard skills required for the specific role. These tests are curated by industry-specific experts and are up-to-date with current industry specifications. 

Only serious candidates make it to your shortlist. The BrighterMonday Skills Assessments are attached to your job advert. This means that candidates who wish to send in applications to your company have to take the test. The commitment required to complete the assessment is an indicator of serious candidates. 

Only candidates who take the assessment make it to your shortlist. This means that you get to view a highly refined list of qualified, skilled and serious candidates. This makes your recruitment process fast and efficient. 

Improve Your Shortlisting Process With The BrighterMonday Skills Assessments

The BrighterMonday Skills Assessments tool allows you to concentrate your energies where it matters; reviewing the cream of applicants for your role and reaching your decision fast and efficiently. Request a Demo today and improve your recruitment process. 

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Arnold Akampulira
Notification Bell