5 Steps to Guarantee you Interview the Right Candidates

hire the Right candidate

Hiring the right candidate is key for hiring managers and HR professionals. A wrong hire is a costly affair. Here is how to ensure that you interview the right person and get it right the first time.

Evaluate Your Hiring Process

How efficient is your recruitment process? How long has it taken to hire good candidates before and what is the success rate? Is your current application pool worth your time or is it riddled with low-quality applications? 

You will not make any difference using old methods. It is time to try a new approach. 

Describe the relevant skills and qualifications 

A clear description of the role is the first and most vital measure you can take in order to employ the right applicant. Avoid general descriptions which are common in most applications. 

For example, listing computer skills as part of the requirements instead of being specific like good with Office suite makes the difference to getting the right candidate. 

Consider Skills Assessments Before the Actual Interview

A major challenge hiring managers are facing is the influx of low-quality applications when they post job ads. Attaching the BrighterMonday Skills Assessment to a job ad is one way of ensuring that candidates who apply for your job possess the skills you are looking for. This guarantees your interviews with the right candidates based on assessment performance. 

Prepare the Right Interview Questions

All the candidates could have the required competencies and skills. Asking the correct questions during the interview comes in handy in shortlisting the applications. It reveals the best-suited candidates for the job. You can even make the questions personal for the applicants. For instance, if you are hiring a nurse position, ask the applicants what it means to them to have people’s lives in their hands? Refer to the description and come up with the right questions.

Ask Candidates Follow-Up Questions

Candidates tend to oversell themselves so as to get on the good side of the employer. One way to validate their statements  is to seek more details like what they have worked on, who they have worked with and so for follow up questions. This will also help you catch the lies early on.

Hire Right the First Time with BrighterMonday Skills Assessment

Below is a short step by step guide to adding an assessment to your job listing on BrighterMonday to ensure you hire the right candidate. Try it today!

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Arnold Akampulira
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