Hiring is Now Easier with Our Skills Assessment Tool

Getting job seekers that are qualified enough for the roles as advertised is a gamble. Here are a few tips on how to make recruitment easier for your business

Hiring made easy

Recruitment managers or employers need job seekers that are qualified enough for the roles as advertised. Most of the time, this is a gamble between job seekers with perfectly made CVs and those with needed expertise for the role.

Like most employers, you might have ended up with a “lion on the CV and cat on the job” kind of scenario and it cost your business more to clean up the mess.

To solve this issue, hiring is now easier with the BrighterMonday Skills Assessment tool, especially for growing businesses. The tool tests candidates applying for a job you post on the website for core competencies and hard skills required for the specific role.

These tests are curated by experts in the specific industry and updated with current industry specifications.

Here are a few tips on how to make recruitment easier for your business:

Define the job description in detail to find the right people

For all employers, hiring is made easier when the job description is detailed enough. The right candidates will need to understand the job duties, responsibilities, necessary skills, outcomes, and work environment of a particular job. This information is important as it assists you in targeting and shortlisting the right candidates for the role. This is why BrighterMonday includes detailed job summaries for all vacancies – to ensure you hire right the first time.

Have the Right Budget for the Job Vacancy

Targeting the right candidates can pose a challenge when you do not understand the available recruitment strategies available. Once you develop your job description and candidate qualifications, use affordable recruitment platforms to identify the right talents. Sometimes it is best to search internally because the chances are high that someone is better qualified for the position. Growing businesses may run the risk of unqualified candidates when they lack the budget necessary for job adverts. Find reliable recruitment solutions that work for your business.

Use Proven Digital Hiring Solutions

With over 40,000 employers using BrighterMonday, hiring is now easier with proven digital hiring tools like the Skills Assessment Tool. When a recruiter advertises a role, a lot of applications stream through the site. This is why the tool is effective in shortlisting the best talents from the qualified pool of candidates available in the job market. With the tool, the candidates’ results will be available in the Applicant Tracking System which is accessible on your employer account. You can then view the expertise levels of all candidates who applied for the job you posted.

Make more sense to your business needs today, find the right people for your business. #HiretheBrighterMondayWay!

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Arnold Akampulira
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