Four Top in Demand Jobs Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Globally, some of the tech skills and companies are still hiring despite the pandemic. Basing on this study, we have come up with this list of in-demand skills

in Demand Jobs Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many companies around the world have shut down operations, let staff go or given their employees a pay cut. Thousands of people in Uganda lost their jobs due to companies closing down.  At the same time, an interesting trend has seen companies in the tech industry quickly adapt to continue conducting business amid the pandemic. As a career professional or job seeker, you might be considering switching your focus to tech jobs. In this article, we highlight some of the jobs you should check out and the skills needed to future-proof yourself for a tech career.

1. Remote Tech Jobs

Globally, some of the tech skills and companies that are still hiring despite the Covid-19  lock down. Tech investor Jai Sajnani surveyed these companies through a Google Forms database. The results showed that 61 out of 85 companies are hiring software engineers, 21 are open to design positions, and others are hiring digital marketers. This trend is likely to be replicated around the world including African markets as more companies become digitized. Based on this market study, we have come up with this list of in-demand skills for remote work.

in Demand Jobs Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

2. Software Engineering 

Software engineering is still a necessary skill during and after the outbreak. Most companies are currently looking for people who can develop software or fix the one they already utilize for their clients. For instance, the number of telemedicine companies is increasing, and most of them require software developers.

Internationally, there is an interesting initiative from IBM where they encourage developers to create solutions for social problems that affect humanity. Recently, IBM developers participated in the Global Code Challenge to address COVID-19. 

Software developers are in demand during this crisis for many reasons. Since companies in industries like healthcare are dealing with excessive loads, a software product can help them automate response services, help patients get informed, and identify the best strategy to take during an emergency. This also applies to companies whose staff are now working remotely and need to keep operations running. 

3. UX and UI Design

UX and UI designers are as important as software developers are right now; companies need functional digital products and UX skills can take a product to a whole new level in terms of customer satisfaction. These days there are more UX and UI-oriented websites and apps because it makes them more intuitive. Both occupations are in charge of providing a great user experience, from the interface to the visual aspect. 

4. Data Science 

Data science is another crucial skill to understand trends, changing consumer behavior and consumer needs. It also helps in business projections and decision-making based on data during these uncertain times. Machine learning helps businesses find solutions to the challenges they are facing and helps them stay ahead of competition. 

Where can you learn these new skills?

Coding bootcamps and data science bootcamps are excellent options for acquiring these skills. Several schools are still working remotely like Flatiron School. Others even offer income sharing, deferred tuition, and money-back guarantees. So if you do not feel like you have the financial resources right now, you can go for a flexible program. Thinkful, for example, offers you a plan where you only pay after you’re hired. And if you’re looking to become a data science master, Galvanize has some of the most complete online courses.

So, give it a try. Learning a new tech skill can ensure your future for the couple next months and even years. Quarantine is a great opportunity for you to increase your career potential.

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