BrighterMonday Uganda launches the Employee Satisfaction Report 2021

The Employee Satisfaction Report explores themes around job satisfaction and insights based on age, gender, location, job level and work experience.

BrighterMonday Uganda is proud to release this year’s Employee Satisfaction Report 😃.

The report unpacks employee satisfaction among Ugandan employees and explores themes around external and intrinsic traits, employee happiness, flight risk, employer advocacy, job satisfaction.

It also delves into insights based on age, gender, location, job level and work experience for a demographic overview.

We believe that these insights which can be used as a guideline to prioritise employee satisfaction in the workplace and improve productivity and overall long-term organisational success.💼.

We discovered some interesting findings such the need for strong & relatable values ranging higher than flexible hours for extrinsic factors for satisfaction and the top five intrinsic factors being;

  • Competitive Package
  • Financial Stability of a company
  • Career Growth
  • Welfare / Benefits
  • Job Security

Download the report and find out more rich insights and keep your employees happy!

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Arnold Akampulira
Notification Bell