The Women at Work Report | 2024

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54% of millennials among women are satisfied with their current jobs compared to just 41% of Gen Zs.

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Jobs Search Report 2022

Did you know that job searches in Uganda for the transport sector were more than those in the banking & public sector combined last year?

Find out more trends on how Ugandans searched for jobs online today.

Employer Handbook Report

Get insights into the key talent management strategies tools that employers are using with focus on employee assessment, employee development and training.

The Job Bulletin Report 2021

The BrighterMonday Uganda Jobs Bulletin Vol.1 documents online job market activity based on data gathered from BrighterMonday’s database, and showcases supply and demand trends in the form of job listings and job applications. 

BrighterMonday Uganda Employee Satisfaction Report 2021

The report unpacks employee satisfaction among Ugandan employees and explores themes around external and intrinsic traits, employee happiness, flight risk, employer advocacy, job satisfaction and delves into insights based on age, gender, location, job level and work experience for a demographic overview.