Discover the Insights: Key Findings from Our Women at Work Report

52% of women with an education level of a Master’s degree were in executive level positions compared to 75% of men according to the survey data.

The Women at Work report is now available for download.  Here are  some of the key findings;

Workplace experiences: millennials are generally more satisfied (54%) with the current jobs which tracks with most of them making into mid to senior levels compared to their younger counterparts (Gen Zs) at 41% who are likely not to follow the norm of a structured career path & timeline therefore their perceptions of work & career advancements differ from those of millennials which contributes to these disparities.

Leadership Representation: 52% of women with an education level above a Master’s degree were in senior or executive level positions compared to 75% of men with the same education according to the survey data which shows a disparity in correlation between education & career outcomes.

Career development: 50% of women surveyed for the report said they were either “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the career development opportunities offered by their organizations; however only 47% said their organizations were effective in identifying and nurturing talent for career advancement.

We encourage you to explore the full report for more insights and recommendations on advancing women’s empowerment in the workplace. 

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Arnold Akampulira
Notification Bell