Let Your CV Be Your Billboard


As an active johere do you keep your CV? At home in a well kept file? Hidden folder on your computer or on the cloud? (Some people say it’s safer on the cloud). Usually people, who keep their CV in such places, only bring them out when they have an interview. That’s when they also remember to update the CV.

In this era though, one shouldn’t be doing that. Your CV should always be up-to-date. At all times!  Not only should it be updated, it should also be engaged ‘somewhere’ advertising you. Wonder why some companies put billboards on the roadside so that anyone can have a look at them? There’s a big chance you’ll pick interest in what they have to offer and contact them.

Let your CV be your billboard.

Question is – where do you put it? Not in a file of course, perhaps … the internet! Now, the internet is a network of millions of other networks. So you have to be clever when choosing where exactly to put your ‘billboard’.

One of the best places you can keep your CV is a jobsite: There are a couple of benefits of uploading your CV on a job site.

  1. No charge. You will not be required to pay a certain fee for your CV to be accepted or for recruiters to look at it. You upload it for free and any concerned person will be able to access it from any part of the world, at anytime.
  2. It is convenient. Gone are the days when people had to make journeys to different cities to drop their ‘documents’ in different offices hoping to be called back for an interview. Gone are the days when fresh graduates walked the streets of their towns/cities hoping to find some job openings. If you choose to use a job site to find a job; you can upload your CV from the comfort of your bed, office, car … anywhere. There’s even an option of using your Smartphone to upload it and follow up.
  3. Direct access to thousands of job openings. The beauty of a job site is that it attracts recruiters from various fields and different geographical locations. You are able to have a look at all their job descriptions and pick one or those that need your kind of experience/skill set. If you want to work from your home town or city, you just have to focus on the recruiters from your area and you are sorted.
  4. Direct contact with or from recruiters. The job site bridges the gap between job seekers and recruiters. If a recruiter lands on your CV and likes it, they can directly contact you and discuss a way forward. Likewise, if you find a company advertising a job and you want to contact them directly, you can. It is so easy since both parties include contact details.
  5. Access to insights and informative information. Most job sites provide information about jobs, careers, writing good CVs and other work related documents. Some go further and provide statistics on which jobs pay how much; which fields have more job opportunities among other interesting topics. All this knowledge you will get at a totally free cost.

Another amazing thing is that you don’t have to remove your CV from these sites after you get a job. Unless, you are 100% contented with your current job and you want nothing more, ever. However, if you still hope for better opportunities, leave your CV on the jobsite. You won’t be fined or taxed and you never know who might land on it and like it.


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