10 Best Apps to Help You Grow Your Career

Discover the best apps to help you take the next step in your career this year. A must read for every job seeker in Uganda.


Welcome to the digital revolution. The world of possibilities courtesy of apps. There are millions of apps in the world right now and more are being churned out by the minute. This only makes your life easier because you might just get an app to help you drown the noise of your annoying boss. While your list of new year’s resolutions remains largely unticked, we would like to help you work towards that item that is career growth in 2017, with the help of apps.

Here are 10 apps that can greatly help you work towards attaining career growth this year.

Fitness apps

A healthy mind is definitely a must-have if you want to improve your performance and get that promotion you have been eyeing. Fitness helps you achieve alertness, boost your brain power and helps you sleep better.

If you have been planning to grow your career this year, these are fitness benefits you could definitely do with. You need to develop a regular workout schedule and routine, and apps such as Tabata and Move Tracker will come in very handy. Health and fitness apps are available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store as free to download, freemiums or premiums.

So, combine that goal to lose weight this year with the goal of growing your career with health and fitness apps and kill 2 birds with 1 app.

Team collaboration apps

In your journey towards career growth, you will need the help of your colleagues. To achieve this, you will need proper team collaboration and coordination on projects to ensure that tasks are carried out fast and effectively. Team collaboration apps help in assigning duties and responsibilities and tracking the activities.

Apps such as salesforce, Trello and Asana, are great for managing team activities and they can also help you keep track of remote teams.

Your way to success is paved with helpful team members and you can walk towards your growth strategy with the help of team collaboration apps.

TedTalks app

Every great idea in the world came from a person who saw an opportunity and devised a unique way of solving an existing problem. Well, with Tedtalks, you get the inside story behind some of the most brilliant ideas in the world and history, from the people who devised these ideas.

TedTalks are great learning platforms and to grow your career, you will need to learn how great ideas were developed and build on them or apply these ideas to your work.

You can now watch and save videos of your choice in the TedTalks series on your smartphone thanks to the Ted Talks app. This free to download app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Habit-forming apps

Once you decide to achieve career growth by the end of the year, you will need to break down milestones into small tasks and achievable goals that drive you closer to your dream. This will mean getting into small habits that can be hard to form and maintain.

With the help of apps such as Habit Factor, Habitlock and Momentum, you can now get into habits such as studying, healthy living and vacation times and track them closely so that you can see how well you are progressing.

These apps help you know what is lagging behind and what needs improvement. They are available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store and they are either free to download, freemiums or premium, depending on your taste and preference.

Brainstorming apps

Your mind is an app because it creates ideas and stores them. However, it is a faulty app because sometimes it creates ideas and then deletes them or stores them in a folder that can prove hard to retrieve. While this great app is free, it has its own shortcomings and needs helps.

There are some great apps available on Apple Apps Store and Google Play Store that help you note down great ideas on the go or great points in a meeting. These apps ensure that you do not forget that idea that will help you improve your work and keep track of your brainstorming activities.

Apps such as Penzu, Xmind, and Freemind are available for free or as premiums or as freemiums. Download one today and stay on course.

Book reading apps

It goes without saying that to grow your career, you need to improve your knowledge. One way of doing this is by reading books that are in line with your career, motivational books or even entertainment books. Carrying a book around can be cumbersome and some books may not also be available in bookstores when you need them.

Enter the digital era, with apps such as Universal Book Reader, PocketBook Reader, EBookDroid, and Kobo, which are available in free to download, freemiums, or premium. They are also available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store so now, you can expand your knowledge conveniently and be on your way to growth.

Apps for tracking time

RescueTime automatically tracks how you spend (or waste) your time on your mobile. If you’re aiming for a promotion, knowing when you are most productive and what distracts you, helps you to make a better impression on your boss while maintaining a work-life balance. Looking to switch jobs? The app can help you to spend the right amount of time job hunting.

Apps for revamping your resume

When applying for a new job, you should always take a look at your resume and likely give it an upgrade. The VisualCV app helps your CV stand out from the crowd with professionally designed templates which can be populated with your existing data.

Looking for something even more creative? Try out Vizualize.me to turn your resume into a stylish visual that conveys your work history and skills at a glance. But you will need a desktop to run this app.


This helpful app is great for networking and sharing knowledge with professionals in your field. Designed to let you consume and share information in the form of slides, this app is great for you if you want to grow your career as you get to find information about your profession, which can help you improve your performance.

You can also share information and get insights from industry experts on the information you have. It is available on Apple Apps Store and Google Play Store and is free to download.

The BrighterMonday App

Fresh on the market, this is the app for the future. You have probably decided that the way to growth this year is by finding a new job and what better way to do it than to have the app that brings you the latest jobs that match your credentials? Definitely through the BrighterMonday App. This app is free to download and it is available on Google Play Store. It has interesting features such as:

  • Push notifications (which alert you when a job matching your credentials is available)
  • Anonymous viewer (allowing you to view jobs without signing in)
  • Create, edit and view job seeker profile
  • Search and view available jobs
  • Apply for jobs

A first of its kind, this app is definitely your best companion while job hunting and working towards achieving career growth this year. Simply search for the BrighterMonday App on Google Play Store, download it and start applying for your dream job now.

Which apps do you use to improve your life?


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