Business Outsourcing & the Gig Economy

Technology has created a boom in business outsourcing which has in turn created a robust gig economy.

The rise of the sharing-business model whether its in transportation, hospitality or delivery has helped create tremendous employment opportunities to several young and vibrant employees.

It has however also created room for more informality in the job market and as regulations play catch up, businesses and jobseekers alike need to organize, define and structure them and allow for formality and long term development.

The scale between the formality and informality of the job market will be a key fixture in Uganda’s future trends however, through this series, we bring the decision makers, market players and policy advisors to start the conversation around what and how to formalize the gig economy.

Ideas ranging from the level of regulation & investment need now and in future to make the gig economy sustainable in the long term.

For an employer seeking outsourcing solutions in recruitment, training, retention and manpower planning, this series will provide you with the key insights on the major considerations you should have and how and when such services are necessary.

For employees & jobseekers, especially those in the gig economy will find this series engaging and well timed to address the sector’s transition and path to formality to provide more job security and progression.

If this series is for you, join us and make your contribution.

Arnold Akampulira
Notification Bell