BrighterMonday partners with Diwala on skill verification.

Diwala, a leader in credential issuance and verification announces its partnership with BrighterMonday Uganda, the leading career & recruitment platform.

BrighterMonday Uganda partners with Diwala to support employers make digital skill verification faster, easier & more secure.

Diwala, a leader in credential issuance and verification, is excited to announce its partnership with BrighterMonday Uganda, the leading career & recruitment platform. Together, the two companies will collaborate to enhance the skill verification offerings available to their clients.

With this partnership, Diwala & BrighterMonday Uganda aim to provide businesses with a comprehensive suite of skill verification and workforce development solutions. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Diwala to provide businesses with an integrated solution for skill & work experience verification which is a key pain point for the most employers who struggle with assess whether what potential employees say they did is actually what they are good at.” said Xenia Wachira, the Country Manager BrighterMonday Uganda. 

Caption: (Left – Right) Xenia Wachira, Country Manager at BrighterMonday Uganda with Thea Sommerseth Myhren the CEO & co-founder of Diwala signing the MoU at BrighterMonday Uganda’s offices.

“Together, we can help businesses build highly skilled workforces that are equipped to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment.” she added.

As part of the partnership, BrighterMonday Uganda will support Diwala’s marketing efforts to grow users and uptake the credential platform into its workforce development solutions, enabling businesses to seamlessly verify the skills of employees.

In turn, Diwala will offer BrighterMonday Uganda’s clients access to Diwala’s verification solution including running exclusive surveys and focus group events to develop and iterate the offerings.

“Our partnership with BrighterMonday Uganda is a natural fit for us, because we understand the challenge employers face when it comes to verifying employees documents and work experience. We know from both in depth research and personal experiences, that this information is challenging and time-consuming to attain. 

To address this, together with Brightermonday we are building the necessary tools businesses need to verify talent skills in a much more secure and efficient way, said Head of PR & Business Growth; Irene Esther Mutuzo, at Diwala.

“Further, we can provide businesses with the tools to know what gaps, if any, may exist concerning emerging market needed skills, which is essential for success in today’s competitive business landscape.”

The partnership between Diwala and BrighterMonday Uganda is expected to drive significant employer engagement for both companies and enable businesses to build more resilient, efficient, and skilled workforces, in addition to a joint webinar and focus group sessions.


About Diwala;

Diwala is a SaaS platform that allows customers to hold, verify, and issue any digital credential in the world. Built to enable access and optimize data integrity.

Diwala’s mission is to build an ecosystem of digital inclusivity by enabling easy issuance and verification of credentials. To enable access, build trust, and optimize how we work.

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About BrighterMonday Uganda;

BrighterMonday Uganda was established in 2014 and has grown to become Uganda’s leading recruitment and HR services platform. We have numerous candidates and employers, successfully using the platform to get access to the right opportunities.
At BrighterMonday Uganda, we fully understand the Ugandan market and have developed a portfolio of relevant and value-adding products that make recruitment simple, quick and effective. We ensure that we find the perfect match for our users. For more information visit:

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