BrighterMonday Uganda Partners with Cavendish University>>

BrighterMonday Uganda joins forces with Cavendish University Uganda to enable learners explore career & employment opportunities.

BrighterMonday Uganda and Cavendish University Uganda signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to foster collaboration in equipping learners at the university with the right skill, knowledge and tools to be employable & become successful entrepreneurs.

The MoU was signed at the sidelines of the First Year Orientation Event held at Cavendish University Uganda’s main campus along Ggaba road where several guest speakers shared their career insights, successes and challenges as part of the initiative organized by the Careers & Employability Office at the University.

“We want to make sure our learners are equipped with the right skills to enter careers of their choice, maintain those careers and transition to other careers they choose to explore in future.” Mr. David Mutabanura, Executive Director at Cavendish University Uganda said at the event.

“That is why we established a Careers & Employability Office at the university which is the first of its kind in Uganda. The strategic purpose is to make sure our learners are better prepared for the transition from university to work or starting their own businesses and through partnerships and opportunities to engage with experts, we hope we can aid that process.” he added.

Nadia Mucunguzi, the Business Development Specialist at BrighterMonday Uganda provided the attendees with tips on career transitions, preparation for opportunities and how they can take advantage of BrighterMonday Uganda’s easy to use platform to seek suitable opportunities, within and outside Uganda.

BrighterMonday Uganda and Cavendish University Uganda will establish joint research efforts to foster a deeper understanding and links between the educational services & job market needs to enable rich engagement with stakeholders including the learners as well as creating thought-leadership platforms for wider participation from industry and policy makers. 

Other key speakers at the event included Mr. Henry Katongole, Managing Director, RYRA who urged the learners to be keen on investment opportunities as they pursue their careers. He pointed out the need to build wealth by either selling a skill or product that increases the ability to earn and therefore accumulate savings which they should invest for their future financial freedom.

Dr. Dennis Bitature, the COO at ROUTE was also another speaker at the event to emphasize the need for soft skills that complement the hard skills learners will acquire at the university in order to succeed in the modern work and business environment.

Emily Ndagire
Notification Bell