[PRESS RELEASE]: BrighterMonday Uganda announces strategic partnership with Nkumba University’s Alumni Association.

BrighterMonday Uganda, a leading job matching company, is thrilled to announce a significant partnership with the Nkumba University’s Alumni Association. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in fostering innovation, education, and professional development.

Through this partnership, BrighterMonday Uganda and the Nkumba University’s Alumni Association will work hand in hand to leverage each other’s strengths, resources, and networks to create unique opportunities for alumni, students, and the wider community. This partnership will encompass a range of initiatives including but not limited to:

Internship and Employment Opportunities: Facilitating internship and job placement programs to connect talented Nkumba University  alumni with exciting career opportunities published on BrighterMonday Uganda’s platform.

Educational Virtual Workshops and Webinars: Hosting virtual workshops, webinars, and networking events aimed at providing valuable insights, skills development, and industry knowledge to alumni and students alike.

“BrighterMonday Uganda is proud to partner with the Alumni Association of Nkumba University. Together, we aim to create a synergistic relationship that will empower alumni, students, and the broader community to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape. By combining our expertise, resources, and passion for innovation, we are confident that this partnership will yield meaningful outcomes and contribute to the collective success of our community.” Xenia Wachira, the Country Manager of BrighterMonday Uganda said.

Prof. Jude Lubega, the Vice Chancellor of Nkumba University added: “The Alumni Association is delighted to embark on this exciting partnership with BrighterMonday Uganda. As we strive to support the lifelong success and connections of our alumni, this collaboration presents a valuable opportunity to enrich our alumni experience, facilitate professional growth, and strengthen our ties with industry leaders. Together, we look forward to making a lasting impact and empowering our alumni to reach new heights.”

Both BrighterMonday Uganda and the Nkumba University’s Alumni Association are eager to embark on this collaborative journey and are committed to driving positive change, fostering innovation, and empowering the next generation.


About Nkumba Alumni Association:

Nkumba Alumni Association (NAA) is a 25,000+ member association of former students of Nkumba University.

The University is a private, non-denominational, non-profit and non-secular institution which has a Vision of “To be a leading national, regional and global hub for academic and professional excellence”. 

Its Mission is “To provide an environment that enables the cultivation of competence, confidence, creativity and character in the academic, professional and social interaction”.

For more information, please visit; https://nkumbauniversity.ac.ug/ 

About BrighterMonday Uganda;

BrighterMonday Uganda was established in 2014 and has grown to become Uganda’s leading recruitment and HR services platform. We have numerous candidates and employers, successfully using the platform to get access to the right opportunities.

At BrighterMonday Uganda, we fully understand the Ugandan market and have developed a portfolio of relevant and value-adding products that make recruitment simple, quick and effective. We ensure that we find the perfect match for our users. For more information visit: https://www.brightermonday.co.ug 

Gladys Rwabuhemba
Notification Bell