How To Find Your Dream Job Using A Chatbot

Finding a job is not the easiest task. However, with innovative technologies, that task has been made simple. Get your dream job through a chatbot today.

BrighterMonday Chatbot

Why you should subscribe to this smart friend

Finding a job can be hard but with innovative technologies, the process of looking for and finding a job has been made easier and faster than before. BrighterMonday, your career and recruitment partner has unveiled a Facebook Messenger chatbot which helps you find available job opportunities through your Facebook Messenger.

This latest product, just like its predecessors, endeavours to bring services closer to you, by finding you where you are. The BrighterMonday bot is a simple addition to your Facebook Messenger, that brings you job alerts that match your criteria and location specifications right to your Facebook inbox through notifications.

With this brand new product, you can chat with the BrighterMonday smart bot or you can subscribe to job alerts and the bot will bring you daily alerts of available jobs. All you have to do is go to your Facebook Messenger and search for BrighterMonday Uganda. Once the results for your search are up, click on BrighterMonday Uganda and start chatting with the BrighterMonday bot. Alternatively, you can search for BrighterMonday Uganda on your Facebook’s search tab and once the results are up, click on BrighterMonday Uganda. Then, click on the “Message” tab and start chatting with the bot. To get job alerts delivered to you as notifications through your phone, simply subscribe to alerts and start receiving notifications on relevant jobs once per day.

Basically, the BrighterMonday bot allows you to:

  • Find jobs using category and location criteria
  • Access a customer service agent for further assistance
  • Get job alerts

Why have the bot you ask? Well, apart from the obvious reason that BrighterMonday wants to make the process of finding a job easier and convenient, statistics show that Facebook Messenger is the most popular chat app and BrighterMonday wants you to be amongst the first people to find out about available job opportunities. In an increasingly competitive world, it becomes easy to be called for an interview if your CV is one of the first ones to be received by the recruiter. Through daily alerts, you will easily know when a job fitting your skills is available and this gives you a chance to be amongst the first people to apply for it and get secure an interview.

On the other hand, you can have your issues resolved fast and conveniently by chatting with the smart bot and if not resolved, you will be put through to our highly-skilled customer service team. As an added advantage, the BrighterMonday bot learns as you chat with it, making the chats helpful and relevant each time you interact with the bot. With such services readily available to you, BrighterMonday is emphasising its commitment to helping Ugandans find relevant jobs and apply for them, to reduce unemployment levels in the country.

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