Why Salary Shouldn’t Always be the Main Basis for You to take on a Job

A high salary doesn’t always mean the “perfect job” or the “perfect career”. There are other factors any wise person has to consider.

Accepting job offer

Should you ask anyone what their ideal job would be, many will always say, “one that pays me a million bucks”. However, basing on my work experience, I have come to somewhat oppose the notion; “the best jobs have the highest pay”. In my world, a high salary doesn’t always mean the “perfect job” or the “perfect career”. There are other factors any wise person has to consider and salary is just among these.

So what are those six aspects you should consider before you take on that six-point figure salary job?


Does that six-point figure salary give you the opportunity to put your theory into practice and help you grow in terms of your expertise hence adding to your years of experience or does it just stagnate you and is nothing related to the career path you hope to pursue?

As you ponder on that question bear in mind that the more the number of years of experience one has in their career field the higher the chance they have to grow in that career. If you ask me, do not limit your chances; go for a job that will be stepping stone to each hill in your career.


Apart from that six-point figure salary, what other benefits does the job you are willing to take on offer?

One of the many reasons many people today wish to be employed by the Government is not because the Government pays the highest salaries; No! But rather, the many benefits Government workers enjoy.

Very many times a high salary may not always equate to a somewhat fair salary topped up with great benefits such as health insurance, fuel for your car, housing, airtime for a month to mention but that help you to actually save a lot more.

Therefore before you take on that job offer, be sure to calculate how much the benefits you are being offered are worth vise versus the net salary you will earn.

Flexibility of working hours

This is very important especially for those thinking of pursuing further studies or parents especially mothers that have families to take care of.

Ask yourself whether the working hours of that job are convenient and healthy for you to raise your family or pursue any other important aspects of your life. No matter the six-point figure salary, always remember that it is healthy and important for you to have a balanced life between your work and time for yourself least you end up with work fatigue and stress related illnesses.

Your Health

Speaking of illnesses reminds me of a very important aspect which is “your health”. No matter the salary, always remember that your health and life is the most important. Make a decision to put your health and life above anything else including a very high salary.

If you choose to take on a risky job then be sure to protect yourself at all times and ensure the company you are working for also values your health enough to take safety precautions.

Work environment

The work environment can consist of many things from your work colleagues to your office space to the office rules. Some people prefer working in stringent environments having bosses breath down their necks while others prefer friendly colleagues in an open and fun space to encourage their creativity. Whatever the salary is, I advise you choose a work environment that motivates you and encourages you to produce your best results.

Are you happy?

Like the saying goes, “Life is too short not to live it happily”. If you are earning a six-point figure salary but are unhappy and stressed to the point you hate your life so much, then leave. If you have other options to run to, run as fast as you can. 80% of our lives are spent at work and there is simply no reason why the biggest percentage of your life should bring you sadness and not happiness.

That said, I do bear in mind that we all have bills to pay that push us to ignore some of these facts and base mainly on the salary the job is offering while some may simply have no other option but that job. However, if you are the kind that keeps getting job offers left, right and center I advise that you do make your final decision based on a salary; choose wisely!


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