9 Simple Ways of Rewarding Employees while On A Budget

Rewarding your employees can is beneficial and can boost their morale to continue working with you. Below are simple ways to reward your employees on a budget.

Employee reward

Employee-Recognition Ideas

At the core of any business lies a group of people who make things happen. Great companies become great due to the work put in by their employees. Happy employees make clients happy and make shareholders smile all the way to the bank.

Below are simple ways to reward your employees on a budget.

Develop A Formal Appreciation System

A formal system helps you allocate a budget for the program, which will mean that you do not over-stretch yourself. A formal program should also include things like nomination processes, which makes it all-inclusive and boosts staff cohesiveness. Such systems will help you encourage things that you want your employees to do more and can include small rewards such as leaving the office earlier or giving out shopping vouchers.

Verbally Praise A Person

Sometimes, all a person wants to hear is, “Good job” or “That was a brilliant idea.” These may seem like small things but praises show a person that their work is being recognized.

Ask Employees to Contribute Ideas Towards Projects

This may seem obvious but it is not. Asking employees for their ideas makes them realize that they are truly part of the team and increases their commitment towards projects.

Put It In Writing

Verbal praise is nice but an employee feels better when the praise is in writing. It shows that you actually took your time to recognize the person’s efforts. This can be done via email or letters. 

Wall of Fame

This is a nice way of showing off a person’s recognition. A wall of fame is simply a place where names are written down on a monthly or quarterly basis, to publicly recognize those who perform well. It is a simple tactic that boosts staff morale and increases job satisfaction.

Spontaneous Treats

Surprise them with breakfast treats, lunch orders at work simply appreciating their hard work. This also gives you a chance to interact with your employees easily.

Profile Your Employee-of-The Month/Year On Your Website and Social Media Pages

This simple method boosts both the company’s wonderful culture and the employee’ s morale to keep going. 

Harness Their Other Talents

Get to know their hobbies beside their work skill sets. This gives you more options to keep your employees happy and involved. This can include events tied to your employee’s hobbies like sport, games etc. 

Informal Chats

Take the time off and go sit with the employees to just have a casual chat. As trivial this might seem to you, it is not to the employees. It shows them that you are a part of them and builds a stronger trust in your leadership skills. 

At the end of the day…

Rewarding your employees should be fun and personal. These simple ideas have long term effects and boost your employees’ morale to continue working with you. So, go ahead and create champions out of your workforce without fighting with finance.

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Arnold Akampulira
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