5 Dangers of Unhealthy Workplace Competition

Competition has often been said to be a helpful ingredient for innovation and creativity. Chances are it might result to a unhealthy competition.

Competition has often been said to be a helpful ingredient for innovation and creativity. While this is true, it is not always the best to bring the best out of your employees. Chances are it might result in unhealthy competition. 

Here are five real dangers of unhealthy workplace competition.

Creates a Battle of Egos

This shift in focus can be detrimental in the long run as team members start wanting to win every time. This makes them lose sight of the bigger picture of helping the company and the team to grow.

Employees Start Hoarding Information

When the competition is unhealthy, employees will work towards hoarding knowledge and information against one another. The goal becomes to knock out one another, instead of knocking out the company’s competitor

It Leads to the Formation of Unhealthy Alliances

Unhealthy competition can lead to alliances which are often formed around an individual. Healthy competitive exercises have teams deliberately compete with one another to learn from each other. Workplace alliances are formed with the sole aim of undercutting individuals. 

It Destroys Teamwork

If teamwork makes the dream work then unhealthy competition is the killer of dreams. The purpose of teamwork is to bring together people with diverse skills, capabilities, and strengths so that they can harness their individual capabilities for the success of a project. However, unhealthy competition brings division as each person for his own recognition. Individuals start 

Unhealthy Competition Leads to Sabotage

Since the goal is for every individual to win on their own, then individuals will do whatever it takes to win against their ‘competition’. The result is that people are always trying to sabotage one another. 

A successful workplace is one in which team members work collaboratively towards the attainment of the overall goal and not for personal excellence only like unhealthy competition seeks for.

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Arnold Akampulira
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