21st Century Job transitions & Business Continuity

Staying with our broad theme around the future, we have a panel of experts and guest speakers who will deep dive into the key trends jobs will face and how businesses can continue to operate even in periods of hardship.

Any individual and organization that has survived throughout 2019 to date under the cloud of uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic will appreciate one reality; we cannot go back to how things were.

Jobseekers now and in future need to be more versatile and agile to not only get the job but also survive a future pandemic and rapid career change.

Equally businesses need continuity strategies and plans in place at the highest level and well articulated throughout the management structure and all employees.

When there is clarity on how to handle a crisis, then finding solutions becomes the focus of the entire organization. In absence of a continuity plan, every crisis becomes a disruption and few organizations can withstand such disruption as the last year has shown us.

An employer should expect insights from fellow employers on what their continuity plans or strategies are like, what works and what does not. More importantly, it will give employers the space to explore together on how to prepare for future pandemics.

The jobseeker of the 21st century needs more skills and broader understanding of more job functions. The era of the multi-tasker is fully ahead and as several jobs transition from what they were to what they are… this is the series for you.

Take a seat, join in on the series.

Arnold Akampulira
Notification Bell