Why Working Remotely is Key for Performance in Millennials

Technology has definitely had its share of impact on this shift of working remotely. Here is why working remotely is the key to performance of millennials

Millenials working from home

Technology has definitely had its share of impact on this shift of working remotely. From organized events with Google Calendar to online meetings with Zoom, it is clear to say that working remotely is here to stay and available for the millennials to tap in. 

Here are the reasons why working remotely has been key to the performance of millennials;

millennials working from home

Remote Working Promotes Work-Life Balance

The tables have shifted and apart from financial gain, millennials also want to have a work-life balance which means that they want a good working environment for time and space. Technology makes it effortlessly easy for them to deliver why they also enjoy other  activities.

Remote Working is Practical

Communication tools like Slack and Zoom have made collaboration easy with anyone working remotely. This makes work productive as people are able to complete their work on time regardless of their location.

More Time is Spent Working

The traditional working environment works on a strict schedule. People clock in at a defined time, go for lunch at designated times and leave at a certain time. In between, employees take short breaks. In total, people’s lives revolve around work and a defined timeline. However, millennials are increasingly looking for an arrangement that allows them to tailor their work and in return, they are giving maximum productivity.

Remote Working Promotes Employee Engagement

One of the key concerns for many employers in the modern day is how to keep employees engaged? Working remotely demands employee engagement since it expects deliverables  at a regular basis which translates into increased productivity for the company’s benefit.

Remote Working has Fewer Distractions

A good working environment at home is often devoid of distractions because a job that would have taken several hours in the office can be covered in a few hours at home with less distractions. 


The result is better productivity, which is the goal of every employee and every company. The trick is to find what works for the organization and for employees, so as to strike a balance.

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