Unlock your Dream Job with Improved Job Matching Algorithms!

Say goodbye to the dreaded job hunt! Improved matching algorithms may just be the key to unlocking your dream job. Read on to learn how…..

Job Matching just got an upgrade!

Welcome to our new world of more accurate employee-employer matching, powered by our new matching algorithms, which make it easier for employers to find you when your profile gets close to 100% complete.

Our number one goal has always been to match you with your dream job as fast and as efficiently as possible. Now we have pushed the limits of innovative matching technology to make it happen! 

Going forward…

Our new algorithm will present employers with a list of applicants that fit the job description best, ranked according to how relevant their profiles are to the advertised job description.

To promote you further, employers will also get 10 (ten) recommended candidates who fit their job description but haven’t applied yet, so they can invite you personally to apply for their roles.

This means that if key aspects of your profile are filled in correctly, the matching algorithm recommends you to employers so they can invite you to apply for their jobs, and also ranks you higher based on your profile completion and match to the job role.

And there it is! Your next role is in your hands! Unlock more possibilities when you complete your profile. You’ll rank higher when you apply and get more relevant job alerts and recommendations that bring you closer to your perfect fit. 

Ready to stand out from the pack?

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Emily Ndagire
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