5 Signs You’ve Made a Bad Hire and How to Get it Right

It is a huge relief for once a vacancy is filled. Unfortunately, not all new hires turn out as expected. Here are the signs you’ve made a bad hire.

Signs you made a bad hire

It is always a huge relief for a hiring manager when a vacancy is filled. With the current challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, getting the right talent is quite a hurdle.  Not all new hires turn out as you expected. This is why it is important to constantly improve your hiring process.

Below are 5 signs you’ve made a bad hire.

They Don’t Have the Required Skills

Candidates have, over time, perfected the art of crafting great CVs that convince hiring managers of their suitability for a role. One-third of job seekers exaggerate their skills, experience and qualifications. Candidates who embellish their CVs are soon outed by the quality of their output. With most companies currently working from home, it might be quite difficult to tell whether or not candidates have the required skills.

Look beyond the CV and find out if your candidates have the right skills here.

They Lack General Understanding of the Role

Every new hire takes time familiarizing with a new role. They encounter challenges like different processes, software, tools and teams. Hence, it is expected that they feel a little lost. However, remember you have hired this person for their skills and they should have a good understanding of what the role entails and be able to produce good results. 

They Ask Endless Questions 

While new recruits might need help finding their way around, too many questions can be a red flag. If a new hire needs hand-holding to complete every task in their new role, maybe they are not fit for the role after all.

The Keep Making the Same Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. New hires will tend to make more mistakes because they are interacting with a new environment. This, however, should just be something overcome fast. It is not ideal that they keep making the same mistakes over and over. 

They Don’t Deliver

You hire professionals to perform and solve a problem in your company. If they don’t deliver to the right standard as expected, they are constantly slacking and upsetting clients, then it is clear they just weren’t the best hire.

Get It Right The First Time

If you’re losing sleep over the quality of talent you bring into your company, it is time to bring in the experts. BrighterMonday is committed to ensuring optimal productivity in the workplace by matching the right talent with the right opportunities. We have gone a step further to ensure you interview right from the start. The BrighterMonday Skills Assessments tests candidates for skills and competencies required for a particular role. The industry-specific assessments are linked to job listings on our site. This way, you will be able to sort through the results to determine the experts, intermediate and beginners, and hire right. 

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