Store Manager


Job Summary

This position is overall responsible for managing all facets of the store. This includes maintaining optimal stock levels, ensuring safety of the store from theft, fire and other risks, delivering goods in a timely and orderly manner and looking after all personnel related to the function of the store.

  • Minimum Qualification: Bachelor
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 2 years

Job Description

  1. REPORTS TO : Branch Manager



  1. Analyze past sales and stock levels in order to devise correct and accurate re-ordering systems.

  2. Order stocks from the warehouse taking into account lead times to avoid stock-outs.

  3. Verify receipt of goods and ensure that they match with the order and correct documentation is in place.

  4. Input goods movement into the computerized stock system.

  5. Ensure correct, orderly stacking of the goods received into the stores by overseeing space management.

  6. Carry out regular stock takes for the inventory held in the store and maintain records for the same.

  7. Dispatch goods from the stores and ensure that supporting documents are received back with acknowledgment from the customer and filed correctly and safely.   

  8. Plan timely delivery to customers and communicate the same to the drivers.

  9. Invoice customer’s orders as required.

  10. Receive and store all non-conforming products with claims until such time that the claim issue has been resolved.

  11. Ensure the store and stocks are safe from theft, detrimental conditions or any other hazard which may damage the stock.

  12. Prepare stocktake reports, claim reports, maintain fuel logs and submit them to the manager.

  13. Report any discrepancies to the manager.

  14. Maintain housekeeping of the store and surrounding areas.

  15. Learn new items and products and related features that are being introduced in the market.  

  16. Maintain a good relationship with the customers.

  17. Monitor compliance of health and safety requirements and standards within the department.

  18. Advise management on slow-moving or obsolete stocks.

  19. Supervise all store and delivery staff to ensure compliance with company policies and procedures & assign jobs in a manner that eliminates time wasting while ensuring the delivery of efficient and effective services.

  20. Perform any other duties assigned to you.


  1. Planning & organizing.

  2. Focus on customer needs and satisfaction.

  3. Leading and supervising.

  4. Checking constantly to ensure accuracy in all transactions.

  5. Adhering to instructions & procedures.

  6. Alertness


The minimum requirements for this job are:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in either technical or business field

  2. Diploma in Supply Chain management i.e. CIPS (UK) or equivalent

  3. At least 3 years’ experience in a similar position.

  4. Good knowledge of company products.

  5. Mastery of the MS Office suite

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