New product/service development manager

Job Summary

We need a skilled and experienced New Product/Service Development Manager to develop and establish new businesses.

  • Minimum Qualification: Bachelor
  • Experience Level: Executive level
  • Experience Length: 8 years

Job Description

We are a delivery company in Uganda. We plan to develop a variety of new delivery services/businesses utilizing IT technology. We need a skilled and experienced New Product/Service Development Manager to develop and establish new businesses. 

The ideal candidate will have experience(s) of a founder or co-founder of start-up business and in launching new businesses in lean startup including skills related to market analysis, service & operation design, marketing (online and offline), service implementation, as well as project management experience. In this role, you will be responsible for launching new businesses with team members, managing team members, and commercialize services. 

The person will work with CEO together as his right-hand position to launch services.

  • Brainstorm with management and business development team to refine business concept 
  • Conduct/Supervise market research, competitor research to identify target customers and their needs 
  • Develop business model and design delivery operation for service development 
  • Liason between business development and system development team 
  • Make sales and marketing strategy, and supervise team members to implement sales and marketing plan for testing prototype service 
  • Clarify customer needs and identify operation challenge to revise the business model and improve service/operation in trial phase 
  • Make business strategy and create business plan to commercialize services 
  • Lead staffs in the business development team to meet the team expectations for goal accomplishment 
  • Accomplish staff results by communicating job expectations; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results; coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees 


  • Proven experiences in comprehensive product development from market research, concept making, product development to implementation
  • Experience in business modeling, financial prediction
  • Solid knowledge and experience of digital- and field- marketing
  • Good understanding of a web-based system and mobile app’s development
  • Demonstrative experience in project management and staff management
  • Entrepreneurship and qualified business skills to work independently without being instructed in a start-up organization

Please apply through Brighter Monday. It requires CV/resume and 1-2page appeal letter. An appeal letter includes your motivation, objective, and the reason why you are more suitable than other candidates.

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