Branch Manager - Vegetable Irrigation Project

Job Summary

Managing Branch Office for project on irrigation services to farmers. Must have skills in vegetable management, training farmers, data collection.

  • Minimum Qualification: Diploma
  • Experience Level: Management level
  • Experience Length: 4 years

Job Description

Agriworks is seeking an Branch Manager to run one of two premises involved in our upcoming project titled H202Go. This project will run a pilot service that uses motorcycle riders to provide irrigation
services to farmers, organized into groups for training and organizing irrigation days. The role of this position is to oversee all tasks associated with the project at the appointed premises. The Branch Manager shall be in charge of enrolling and training farmers, collecting various types of data, holding product demonstration, overseeing service providers, book-keeping, regular reporting, among any other responsibilities issued to them.


-2+ years experience in vegetable production or extension  

-Degree or Diploma in agriculture or business related field

-Ability to ride motorcycle extensively in difficult conditions

-Proficiency in Lugisu and English

-Strong computer skills

Duties & responsibilities:

The principal duties are as follows

a)       Operations planning

i.         Work with directors and other staff to develop monthly and quarterly operations targets

ii.        Communicate operational targets to staff and develop weekly operations plans with staff members and other stakeholders

b)       Enrolling Farmers and Service Providers

i.         Identify vegetable farmers in areas with nearby water sources

ii.         Conduct product demonstrations with interested farmers

iii.        Organize farmers into groups that will receive training and irrigation together

iv.       Identify boda riders near to office who are willing to irrigate for farmers

v.        Sign terms of service with riders and farmers

c)        Training farmers and Service Providers

i.          Establish demo plots in each farmer group

ii.        Provide 5 trainings throughout the first season on demo plot

iii.        Train 8 – 10 boda riders in proper use of irrigation equipment, pricing, and use of irrigation app on company phones

d)       Supervising irrigation and data collection from service providers

i.          Verify data collected by each rider daily

ii.         Provide technical support and feedback to riders to ensure proper data collection

iii.        Ensure Assistant Manager uploading and compiling data properly

iv.       Keep in touch with farmers using irrigation service to get feedback on needs and challenges

v.        Provide technical support to service providers and farmers on irrigation and crop management

e)       Conductfarmer surveys

i.          Conduct baseline and post-harvest surveys with each farmer enrolled in terms of service

ii.         Collect lists of farmers in neighboring villages not participating in irrigation service

iii.        Conduct surveys with sample of non-participating farmers for same periods as participating farmers

f)         Establish and collect data on research plots

i.          Identify nearby farmers to host research plot for closer study of water use in system

ii.         Install rain gauge in nearby location to office

iii.        Install soil water sensors in research plots

iv.       Visit research plots weekly to collect soil data advise host farmer, and collect data on crop progress

g)        Book-keeping, cash handling, and reporting

i.          Ensure all data from service providers is entered and uploaded to company daily

ii.         Ensure all weekly reports are submitted on time

iii.        Ensure all finances received are deposited promptly into company account

iv.       Ensure all expenses are recorded daily and updated to company

Skills and competencies required:

a) Communication:

The successful applicant will communicate effectively both within and outside the company. This includes good judgment about when and how to communicate relevant information. The candidate will have strong skills in accurate, concise, and comprehensive communication in verbal, written, and digital formats.

b) Expertise in Business Operations: This includes knowledge of bookkeeping principles, inventory management, business documentation, and customer support. 

c) Ability to Learn Quickly: There will be a number of skills which must be learned on the job. We expect the applicant to be able to focus on training and self-learning to rapidly gain expertise in various skills required to complete the roles of the position.

d) Competency with computer and smartphone applications

e) Ability to ride motorcycle with valid permit

f) Planning and management skill

g) Experience in horticulture production and training farmers


Characteristics of Successful Applicants

This position will be responsible for key functions of the company, and as such will be expected to embody character traits that will uphold a positive and strong organizational culture.

a) Professionalism: The applicant must be maintain a high level of professionalism in their time management, respect for others, maintenance of property, and work ethic. This includes discretion in personal discussion within the work environment to avoid offence towards any other person involved, whether intended or unintended.  

b) Ethics: The applicant must conduct all company business according to the highest moral standard. This requires honest and comprehensive management of resources related to the company according to their intended purposes. It also includes truthful reporting of all activities and events to the directors.

c) Motivation: The applicant must be highly motivated to achieve the objectives of the position. There may be times when the company requires effort above and beyond the scope of this job description, and we ask the applicant to be willing to engage in the position's role in a deliverable-oriented manner.

d) Open Mindedness & Diligence: The applicant must be able to consider various ideas, positions, and views on a situation to make decisions objectively and based on the best information available.

e) Creativity & Innovation: The applicant will have a strong ability to contribute to new ideas, approaches to completing the objectives and tasks associated with this position.

f) Entrepreneurship & Problem Solving: The applicant will gain satisfaction from solving problems for the company and for our customers

g) Positive Attitude and Perseverance: The applicant may face hardships in this position. We expect them to show personal resilience to overcome challenges and maintain a positive attitude at all times.

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