5 Tips On Dealing With A Job You Don’t Like

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Everyone wants a job, and a great one at that. If it was in an ideal world, everyone would have the perfect job. But the reality is, everyone goes through periods where they do not like their jobs at some points, yet still strive to move forward. Whether you just graduated and that is your first job in the work space, or you have been at it for 10 or 20 years plus, and realize that that is not your passion, do not be too hard on yourself. To move to a better job, if you are already planning on it, you have to do well at your current job, even if you hate it. Here are some tips that can help you work through these times.

1. Keep Your Thoughts To Yourself

In this contemporary world, it is easy to find information anywhere. When you don’t like your job, and then move around voicing your concerns on how much ‘you hate your job’ or how ‘your boss annoys you’, someone may eventually stumble upon it and cost you the actual job you have. Getting a job is not easy, especially with the stiff competition in the market right now. This is why you have to do all it takes to give your best to the job you have, while still at it. After all, it pays your bills every other month and gives you better experience ever day. 

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2. Fix Your Attitude

An unhappy employee is not good for anyone, even for the job you are trying to move towards. How you handle yourself portrays a lot about how you will handle any new responsibilities you may have. It is easy to have a bad attitude when feeling frustrated, but the way you carry out yourself defines your reliability as an individual. Do you feel like you are doing more for less? Are you unmotivated? Do you find yourself harboring strong negative feelings for your boss? All these can lead to bad days, if not bad years in your career. It is therefore necessary that you readjust your feelings towards the right channels before all is lost. Remember that in order to get your next best job, you have to do your best at the current one you have.

3. Cultivate A Spirit Of Gratitude

More often than not, people forget to appreciate the value of having a job. Understanding that having that job you don’t like is a privilege and not a right is the first step to appreciation. Do you get paid each month? Have hot coffee? Maybe get paid gym membership? Medical insurance? Do you get up each day and see your colleagues toil for work on the streets, looking for internships and interviews to no success? Do you understand the value of having a constant supply of income to pay bills? If not for anything, be grateful that you have a job, and maybe you would start to do better at it. You aren’t going to be at the same job forever, but while at it, give it your best.

4. Start Your Next Job-Search

If you don’t like your current job, you probably have a rough idea on what path you’d rather take for your career. Start working towards that, even if you do one thing every day. Would you like to go back to school and figure it all out? Do it, enroll for a course you would be interested in and start working towards your goal. Would you rather start your own business? Then start networking with other entrepreneurs, get to know their challenges and how to excel in the field you want to pursue. Do not just sit and complain about the job you hate, do something about. Sooner or later, you will realize that the situation is temporary and that it can be fixed.

5. Do Not Just Quit

Yes you don’t like your job, but just waking up one day and handing in your resignation may not be the smartest move to make. Take time to learn something about the new career path you’d want to follow. Get transferable skills, attend workshops and seminars to advance your skills or ask for training from supervisors or colleagues who understand the skill-set better. Are you sure you want to quit or you are just going through a rough time? Sometimes there are ways to fix stuff, without having to quit with no job waiting. Learn to work with your surroundings first before giving up, maybe it is not all lost. 

Not knowing what to do in your career can be frustrating to anyone, and sometimes understanding that you are not alone can help. Not every successful businessman figured out what they wanted overnight, so do not make it hard on yourself. Understand that hurdles are there to be passed, and that every problem has a solution. These tips will therefore help you when you are struggling to stay happy at work. And if it gets too hard, you are allowed to step back and start over afresh. 


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