The 5 Major Life Changes of a Doctorate Degree

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When Peter Silwimba started his degree programme with Unicaf he expected it to improve his life. However, he didn’t expect it to include life changes on a multitude of levels. At the Unicaf Cape Town Conference 2019, he stood tall and proud, sharing his study and life experience with us.

Mr Silwimba started his Doctorate of Business Administration with Unicaf University, aiming to improve his career and knowledge-base. During his studies, he also had a change in 5 major life aspects that completely transformed it due to the, as he calls it, “Unicafed impact”.

  • Personality & Character – a change due to the additional knowledge available
  • Integrity & Ethos – a change due to the appreciation of the effort of- and the recognition of the contributions by others
  • Social Life – a change due to having a newly formed base to be more extrovert and involved in discussions and utilising more time
  • Spiritual Life – a change due to a balance of being at studies, work and place of worship
  • Economic Life – a change due to the scholarship awarded and the ability to plan with limited resources

The studies through Unicaf, it turned out, didn’t just improve his career, but delivered practical change – from this life-changing opportunity.


Your life-changing experience through Unicaf

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