Getting your Dream Job begins with Changing Your Mindset.

Today’s world has totally changed. Your opinion is highly regarded. Did you know that there are millions upon millions of personal blogs daily? Did you know that the personal voice and opinion is heralded these days more than it was in the industrial revolution? Formal employment in corporations started with the advent of the industrial revolution. That time, people were not expected to think—all they were supposed to do is follow instructions.

But today, we are no longer in the age of the industry. Some might say that we are in the Information Revolution Age…but I disagree. Today we are in the ‘Cortex’ Age…the Revolution of the mind. Guess what? That is exactly what God intended for us over six thousand years ago! Finally we have arrived!! My prediction however is that there is another age coming up shortly, and that is the “Purpose Revolution”. I will share with you about that in another post.

So if you do have a mindset that is docile, ‘obedient’, ‘humble’, only waiting to be told what to do, believe me you are an endangered species in this modern employment world. I guarantee you that not even your Masters’ Degree will help you. I once interviewed a group of people in Ghana for Sales positions. We needed a minimum entry of Higher Diploma…and some people with Masters applied and came for the interview! But I digress again.

The following are three ways you can know that your thinking has not changed from that of the person employed in the industrial revolution:

  • You do not have your own positive personal opinion. You probably have never used a suggestion box the whole of your life.
  • You do not ask questions. You seem so satisfied daily. This shows lack of ambition.
  • You have a false sense of humility: you think that questioning the status quo is insubordination
  • You do not have recommendations ever. All you do is all you are told to do. You do not have the mindset of improving anything and you never have since you were born.
  • You lack passion. Your greatest passion is getting a salary so you can put food on the table, clothes on your back and maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Outside of these basic needs, you have no passion for any other thing in life.
  • You lack hunger, initiative, industry and innovation in your drive. That is why the only thing you are presenting in an interview is your CV and your obedient self

Speaking of hunger, it reminds me of the reason as to why I am writing this post again on the change of the mindset. I would like to give you an assignment. Probably some of you might already have come across this, but it won’t hurt to do it again. Please go to YouTube and look for a video clip titled, “You Gotta Be Hungry” by Les Brown. Listen to how he persistently got his dream job, how hungry he was for it. Let your mind start thinking strategically and let your heart get passionate.

Another reason that triggered me to write once again about this subject is a story I heard narrated by Bill Winston, the founder of the “Joseph Business School”. In this School, your dissertation is to write a Business Plan for a One Million Dollar Business Idea before you can graduate. How about that for critical thinking? You up for that challenge?

So anyway, Bill Winston narrates the story of a certain man called ‘Bud Everheart’. He longed to be an Aircraft mechanic but he had no formal training. So this is what happened:

“Bud was 18 years old when he went to the local Manufacturing plant that manufactures and fixed aircrafts in his local town. He went there to look for a job. He asked the supervisor, “Do you have any jobs”, the supervisor answered, “No there are no jobs here”. Then Bud asked, “Well is there any place I can work?”, the Supervisor said, “No, Am sorry Bud, we do not have any jobs, no jobs are available”. Then Bud said, “Well, is it OK if I sweep the floor?” The supervisor said, “Well wait a minute now, I just told you we do not have any jobs!” Bud said, “No you do not understand, I don’t need you to pay me, I will just come in and I will sweep the floor in the main shops, I will just work as a volunteer”. The supervisor said, “OK I will not have to pay you anything, you can come and sweep the floor”, Bud said, “I understand that” So what did Bud do? He showed up the next morning at eight O’clock and started sweeping the floor. He swept the floor till lunch break, went for lunch break and came back to sweep the floor. He swept the floor till five O’clock.

Bud did this for three months. One morning, he called the boss, “Jack, this is Bud”. Jack said, “Yeah Bud?” Bud said, “Jack I am going to need a day off or so because I have to go to funeral, I have a death in my family and I need to go down South in the USA”. Jack Said, “You can go wherever you want to go; you are not working for me, and we are not paying you any money” “Well I just thought I would tell you so that if anybody ask, you can tell me where I am” Bud said. So Bud went to the funeral and stayed there for one week and then called Jack the next Monday and said, “Jack, I am gonna need a few more days off because it seems that this business is taking just a little longer than I thought” Jack said, “Bud listen, we are not paying you anything, you can take off as long as you wanna take off” Bud said, “Well, I just thought I would let you know in case someone needed me”.

After that next week Bud had not shown up, some of the Aircraft Mechanics begin to ask about him. Why? Because as Bud was sweeping the floor, he would pass by one of the mechanics fixing an engine and would tell bud, “Bud, you would you give me that three quarter inch socket wrench down there and hold this for me so I can fix this plane?” Bud had gotten to be kind of a specialist in being able to assist the mechanics do their jobs. In other words, with the help of Bud, they were able to finish their quarter of work faster than before.

So now they are missing Bud. So they went to Jack and said, “Jack, where is Bud?” Jack said, “Oh no you do not understand, Bud doesn’t work here, we do not pay him anything”. “Oh No, I need Bud, he was helping me finish my work earlier and better”.

So what do you think Jack did? “Hello Bud, this is Jack”… Today, I heard that Bud Everheart is one of the finest aircraft mechanics in the world! You too could become like him.