Ways You Never Knew Social Media Affects Your Job Search.

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How Social Media Can Impact on Your Job Search.

The use of social media has become a fast growing trend in both business and people’s personal lives today. From easing communication to helping business brands to grow their presence, social media has also helped job seekers to find their dream jobs. With many companies frequently sharing their job opportunities on their social media platforms, job seekers today are able to get information about the latest job opportunities in the market faster.

Many employers and recruiters have also resorted to using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, Instagram, Blogs, to mention but a few to search for possible candidates and find out more information about the people they are hiring. A fact to support this is; a 2015 “CareerBuilder” survey of more than 2000 hiring managers and HR professionals that reported that 52% of employers use social networking sites to research information about job candidates and one-third of these happened to find information that made them more likely to hire a candidate.

This, therefore shows, that what you put on your social media platforms says a lot about you and could affect what a possible recruiter thinks about you. Checking your social media platforms enables a recruiter to know more about:

  • Your interests and skills.
  • How well you communicate.
  • Any unprofessional hobbies you could have such as using illegal substances or alcohol.
  • Your education and work background.
  • Your opinions about the industry.

Whatever you put on your social media platforms, remember someone out there that could be a possible employer is watching. Portray yourself in the most professional way. As you make good use of social media, it is important to desist from the following habits.

Slandering people and brands on social media; the person or brand you once publicly slandered could just be your future employer. Slandering anyone publicly depicts you as a rude and an immature person. Should you have an issue with anyone, handling it in person or through an inbox or DM is the wise thing to do.

Taking part in every trending topic; not every trending topic or hashtag is positive. Some topics are quite controversial and you jumping onto them could often present you in a negative light. Be careful what trend you jump on and what exactly you contribute to it.

Posting Negative personal opinions about your work; no matter how much you hate your job or boss, social media is not the place to vent your feelings. An employer could pick up on this and get the impression that you could do the same while working for them which would have negative effects on their company’s brand.

Posting pictures while indulging in negative hobbies; should your hobbies entail drinking a lot of alcohol or taking illegal substances, social media is not the place to show that side of you. Should you put up information about your hobbies ensure that they depict you in a positive way.

Discussing confidential information; let’s say your boss has made you angry or you have been laid off from your job, no matter how angry you may be, it is not right for you to put up confidential information about the company that hired you. This depicts you as someone that cannot be trusted and would not keep the confidentiality clause of any other company.

Knowing what you should and should not post on your platforms is the first step in creating a compelling profile any recruiter can resonate with. How you then use your social media presence to your advantage is what makes you stand out enough to land that dream job. So how can you use social media to your advantage when it comes to hunting for your job?

1.Have a strong social media presence:

Do you have a social media account? If not, it is important for you to create one as soon as possible as it will not only help employers notice you but will also help you grow important social networks that could contribute to your job search.

2.Portray who you really are:

Many companies today are hiring people based on their personality because it is a very important aspect in determining one’s performance and how they interact with the rest of their team members.

Different personalities thrive in different situations. Therefore, before a recruiter hires someone, they have to be sure that the person actually fits the work situation regardless of the experience they may have. One of the ways a recruiter can know more about you is through your posts on your social media platform. What you post about says a lot about who you are as a person.

It is, therefore, important for you to portray your personality strengths through each of the posts you put up on social media. It is also wise to portray who you really are and not the fake version of yourself. Should there be a difference between who you are and your social media presence, chances are high a recruiter could end up hiring you for a job that is not fit for your personality.

3.Portray yourself as a professional person:

What you post about, your bio, as well as, your profile picture all give an employer a glimpse of your professionalism.  Employers prefer to work with people who are professional and have a bit of work ethics. Even when you may showcase your fun side on your social media platforms, always remember to be professional in what you post, how you post it and the pictures you upload.

4.Showcase your good communication skills:

The kind of language, speech, and punctuation you use in your posts reflects the kind of communications you have or may lack. Any employer would like to hire someone that is able to write grammatically correct English in their reports or proposals. Your posts could give the recruiters a glimpse of that.

5.Portray how versatile you are:

Recruiters want to hire people that are well-rounded because they believe these people can contribute a lot more to companies. It is important to have a social media presence that is well-balanced and presents you as someone that has a wide range of interests and skills. You can do this by sharing updates about voluntary activities and other groups you could be a part of  outside your work.

6.Portray your creativity:

Creativity has become another important aspect employers look for when hiring employees. Employers are looking for people who are different and think outside the box because they believe they can move their companies forward. Endeavor to be different and smart in the way you post updates or how you present the  resumes you choose to upload on your social media platforms.

7.Post good and strong references and recommendations about yourself:

Just like a business, you too need to grow your brand as a person and one of the major ways to do that is, through sharing great recommendations from your different references. Be sure to pick references and recommendations from people that have a positive influence in society and will most likely leave a lasting impression on anyone reading your bio. Social media platforms such as, Linkedin allow for this and you should use it to your advantage.

8.Showcase your different achievements:

Employers often use your social media platforms as a cheap and simple measure to carry out background checks. Having updates or pictures showing the achievements you previously highlighted in your resume gives the employer more proof about what you said about yourself. On the other hand, the employer can also be able to get a glimpse of the achievements you may not have highlighted in your resume.

9.Use your social media presence to find out more about the company you would like to work for:

Many companies today aim at building a strong social media presence that allows for their clients to interact with them better. With your social media platforms, you can delve more into what the company is all about by actually interacting with them on social media.

This not only gives you important information about the company that could set you apart from your competition but could also show a recruiter that you are really interested in what the company is all about.

10.Aim at building a large following:

According to a 2015 “CareerBuilder” survey of more than 2000 hiring managers and HR professionals, 14% of employers see a large following as a positive thing. A large following means you are influential to the community and have important networks that an employer could tap into to grow their business.

The best way to build an influential following is by sharing information that is actually valuable and important.

The digital world we live in today requires everyone to have a social media presence as it goes a long way in helping you stay connected to the whole world and enables you to stay informed. For a job seeker, a good social media presence could just be what you need to stand out of the crowd. Social media will not just help you in your job search but could be something you could earn from.

We urge you to, therefore, create a strong social media presence for your personal brand. It is bound to take you heights.



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