A Recruiter’s Perspective; What are the Special Qualities Today’s Employers are Looking for in Job Seekers?

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A friend of mine has written a very powerful book on employment. The title is “You are not Just an Employee”. It is an interesting read. In one of his social media engagements, he poses a very interesting question and I quote:

“Advise on this practice. Graduates and candidates vying for a job tailor their vision according to the job they are chasing. Good or bad practice?”

What is your Spiritual Capital?

Of the few employers that responded to that question, they agreed that one of the most worrying trends with all job seekers is a definite lack of Spiritual Capital. Most people do not have a sense of personal purpose, values, beliefs, interests, aspirations, mission, vision or passion. They do not have direction in life. One school of thought with this is driven by fear: That if you zero in on a particular area of passion, you effectively lock yourself out if your vision is in dissonance with that of the organization from which you are seeking employment.

Your Lack of Authenticity is affecting your Employability

The end result? Many people walk into interviews with phony ‘Objectives’, singing praises of the company from which they are seeking employment. What does that do? It robs you of authenticity. It also shows that you are potentially shallow and cannot be trusted.

A few weeks back, I attended an event organized by the Innovation Village in Kampala where one major innovator was being interviewed. When it came to the subject of employing people, he had an amazing revelation, something that I have been talking about in the previous posts. This is what he said:

“I never hire people because of their academic papers. I need to talk to them first and see what they are made up of”

Do you know what this recruiter is looking for? He is looking for that much needed Spiritual Capital. Do you have it? How will it show up?

Spiritual Capital is Never Emphasized in School

Harvard and Stanford Universities have reported that 85% the reason a person gets a job and gets ahead in that job is due to attitude; and only 15% is because of technical or specific skills.

There is this thought pattern that tells job seekers that if you specialize, you greatly limit your chances of being employed. That is why many graduates walk around seeking for “any kind of job that I can do”. Now, I do not even want to begin talking about the Education System because there is so much to say about it in formation of this school of thought.

Your take out today is this: When a potential employer will even as much as sniff an aura of Focus in you, and passion that comes from a high sense of awareness of your purpose, you stand a greater chance than someone who is yet to discover himself. Why? Because someone who knows their purpose:

  1. Looks Organized: An organized individual means less supervision from the bosses and increased attention to detail by the candidate. That is a major plus to you.
  2. Have Focus: They know what they are looking for in life and that translates to industry and hard work. An employer these days is not interested in enslaving you, but in your immense contribution to the organization. It turns out that the people with focus think like company owners, not just like employees. This is what a prospective employer is looking for.
  3. Can be counted on: Focused people are principled. They would not waste time on what does not matter. Again, if you are looking for people that are to be told what to do, these are not the types.
  4. Can lead others: And they can do it even without a title. They are great team players and team members. Those without a vision lack initiative that makes them leaders. Employers are looking for people with leadership acumen, not just follower mentality.
  5. Have Massive Passion: You can count on such a person to show industry, organization and a massive ‘buy in’ to the vision of the company. Those whose ‘buy in’ is at the level of the salary might not be as passionate as those with a clear vision and mission.

How to Increase Your Spiritual Capital

For the most part, what people are bringing into interview rooms is their Intellectual Capital. Unfortunately, that is not enough to make a difference in life today. So before you set your foot in an interview room, and as you are rigorously preparing your CV, make sure that you spend months shaping your spiritual capital. Use the following ways:

  • Ask Massive Questions: You need to have answers to the following questions: What is my vision on earth? What is my mission? What Am I passionate about? What am I good at? What is the perfect world to me? What are my top 3 values?
  • Write it Down: Document the answers to these questions and keep refining them as you go. The key is to make sure that these answers are inspiring enough to you and inspiring enough to elicit action from others who encounter you.
  • Recite it: Every time you introduce yourself, start by proclaiming your vision, mission and purpose on earth. Speak this to yourself on a daily basis.
  • Take Action: Do something that lends credence to what you are saying. Have something to show of what you are passionate about. This is what will indicate to the prospective employer that you have initiative in you
  • Relentless Reading: Keep gathering data, information, stories, inspiration and instruction in your area of passion. My prediction is that in the next few years, we shall enter a purpose Revolution and you ought to be prepared for it.
  • Find Help: If you need a Coach to help you find the direction of your life, invest in this more than you invest in any other venture before you get a job.

So what’s your purpose in life? What is your spiritual capital?



  1. Wow this is exciting these are things all job seekers should know, and take note of. No matter how educated one can be trust me if they have a negative attitude towards day to day life ,they are more less illiterates.
    Thank you Lawrence for sharing.

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