Aptitude tests

Aptitude tests and how you can prepare for them

What aptitude tests are all about? Aptitude tests are some of the most common interview tests job seekers encounter today. Knowing how to prepare for them sets you apart from your competition. In almost every recruitment process, written interviews often precede oral interviews and are considered a very important step in selecting potential candidates for […]


Interview Questions: What are Your Weaknesses and Strengths?

How To Answer This Common Interview Question.  Quite often, interviewers will pose this question, “what are your weaknesses and strengths?” during an interview. While it may be very easy to describe one’s strengths, describing one’s weaknesses does not come easy for anyone. Knowing exactly what a recruiter is looking for when they ask this question […]


A Recruiter’s Perspective; What are the Special Qualities Today’s Employers are Looking for in Job Seekers?

A friend of mine has written a very powerful book on employment. The title is “You are not Just an Employee”. It is an interesting read. In one of his social media engagements, he poses a very interesting question and I quote: “Advise on this practice. Graduates and candidates vying for a job tailor their […]


Important Job Search Tips Every Job Seeker Needs to Know

Every year, Uganda’s higher education institutions release hundreds of graduates into the job market. These prospective career individuals join the millions of educated and uneducated youths that are unemployed.  Different studies estimate unemployment rate among Uganda’s youth in excesses of 60%.  We have a shrinking labor market, where we are seeing more job closures and […]